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  • 10 Best Eco-Friendly Product Startups - 2021

    India has a long history and legacy of living a sustainable lifestyle and viewing the environment as a god. One can discover the plethora of eco-friendly products that are still in use in the Countryside. Nowadays, environment has become the persistent public concern, which has led to an upswing the Eco-friendly Movement. In today's world eco-friendly is understood as protecting the natural world around us. Humans have exceeded the acceptable limit for the use of natural resources. As a result, every other aspect of life must be in favour of the Earth. The eco-friendly concept is being used in almost all the sectors like food packaging, variety of bags, home decors, toys, crafts, bauty brands, garments and many more. With environmental issues such as climate change,...

10 Best Eco-Friendly Product Startups - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Beej Beej Arundhati Kumar, Founder A vegan accessories startup that manufactures bags, wallets, and clutches made with sustainable materials sourced from pineapple leaves, cactus leaves, cork, and other materials
Brown Living Brown Living Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder & CEO A earth-friendly brand that curates a wide range of everyday-use products, all earth-loving and ethically sourced, to helps to live sustainably and with minimal waste
Ecohoy Ecohoy Aayush S, Founder & CEO A government recognised Indian start-up focussed towards Climate Change & Environment
Ethic Attic Ethic Attic Pradeep Krishnappa, Director A Fair Trade store and sustainable concept store that carries products produced that are friendly to the people and planet
Green Canvas Bags Green Canvas Bags Niranjan Samant, Managing Director An emerging enterprise that makes eco-friendly accessories on curated themes
No Nasties No Nasties Apurva Kothari, Founder An organic, fair trade, vegan, carbon-neutral clothing brand based in Goa, India
PAIO PAIO Shweta Nimkar, Founder & CEO A cruelty-free, sustainable and conscious fashion brand with strong design elements
Terrabrush Terrabrush Karthick Solai & Arjun, Founders A brand that promotes reducing the usage of plastic toothbrushes
The Open Trunk The Open Trunk Deepa Reddy, Owner A treasure trove of all that is rich, elegant and simplistic from the world of textiles and design
Weaving Vibes Weaving Vibes Shripat Jagirdar, Founder A new age organisation with a 50 year lineage in textile manufacturing sustainable, biodegradable, 100% natural plant based fabric