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  • 10 Best Eco-Friendly Products Startups - 2023

    Save the Earth, by Enhancing the Production of Eco-friendly Goods With each passing day, the level of contamination on the earth is exceeding all its limits. The major fluctuations of climate are the living example of this increased level of pollution. This treacherous and crucial matters need to be eradicated to save the mother earth from the howling effects of pollution. In the path of building smooth smiling and safe environment, first step to be taken is eradicating the level of pollution by using non-toxic and eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly Products: There is no rocket science included to understand the idea of Eco-friendly products. In simple words, eco-friendly goods are some special kinds of products which are manufactured using natural non-toxic raw materials...

10 Best Eco-Friendly Products Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Amwoodo Eco Products Amwoodo Eco Products Agni Mitra, Director A socially responsible company that has taken an oath toward the betterment of society by eradicating the use of plastic in personal, health care, energy, and corporate sectors
Astu Eco Astu Eco Anitha Shankar, Founder An innovative and elegant earth friendly products for the environmentally conscious, that provides an alternate to the harmful disposable plastic
Bambrew Bambrew Vaibhav Anant, Founder An eco-friendly consumer brand offering customers a solution to step into the world of sustainability with an expert line of biodegradable, reusable and eco friendly products
Beco Beco Akshay Varma, Co-Founder An eco-friendly home care & kitchen care products offering end-to-end sustainability from raw material sourcing to manufacturing processes to packaging to delivery to disposal of the used products
BioReform BioReform Mohammed Azhar Mohiuddin, Founder & CEO A startup company run by student entrepreneurs, tackling one of the biggest global problem that is plastic pollution by developing & manufacturing 100 percent eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable bags
Earthsave Earthsave Kamath Prashanth, Founder & Director A startup with go green initiative with a focus to build a large & sustainable enterprise in the ecocommerce space, ensuring a cleaner & greener planet by providing 100 percent cotton bags to replace single use plastic bags
Eco Pallet Eco Pallet Joseph Franklin, CEO A patented manufacturers of EPS pallets that is completely safe, extremely light weight, eco- friendly, cost-effective, highly customizable and FDA/medical certifiable
Ecochem Ecochem Sarvesh Chawathe, Founder A pioneer in the green chemical biobased company with a wide range of green environmentally-safe, nontoxic, non-hazardous, all natural products
Quit Plastic Quit Plastic Ajay Somaiya, Ecopreneur & Founder An Indian brand promoting pocket-friendly, environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic, offering over 150 sugarcane bagasse pulp molded products, including tableware sets
Srishti Lifestyle Srishti Lifestyle Debjani Banerjee, Founder A startup company that is committed in providing eco-friendly products like jute bags and promoting sustainable and biodegradable products