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  • 10 Best Electronics Startups-2016

    Manufacturers are fabricating products with the infusion of IoT, cloud computing and big data analysis to achieve a better product lifecycle. To sustain the day-to-day operations, manufacturers have begun setting up state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and adopting the latest technologies. The electronics industry is all set to take over long standing businesses by taking on the latest widely adopted trend of incorporating intelligence into devices, services and process, connecting them to virtually everything surrounding you. Now we do not need separate controllers to operate our devices. We have the convenience of having a connected system with everything interconnected and programmable at the press of a button. With data analysis, one can tackle design complexity and quality...

10 Best Electronics Startups-2016

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
SimpleLecture SimpleLecture Madhur Pahwa, CEO An organization offering online coaching with structured video and audio lectures for IIT-JEE, NEET, CBSE 10th, 11th, 12th, Karnataka SSLC and more.
Cubical Laboratories Cubical Laboratories Swati Vyas, Co-Founder Designs and manufactures Home Automation products for households, office spaces and hotels along with Home Automation installation and after sales services.
Elogy Electronics Elogy Electronics Bishwajeet Kumar, Managing Director A provider of White Goods Electronic Products, Solar Energy Products and Electronic Accessories that cater to Home & Office appliances, Computers & Entertainment systems.
FCSA FCSA Neil Savant,, Founder Proffers Automation and Intelligent System Applications with focus on Home Automation, Industrial Automation & Agro Automation.
Maxeed Maxeed J Venkat, Business Head Offers solutions for Telecom Network Deployment, Telecom Operations & Maintenance, Telecom Audit Services, Meter reading & Bill distribution, On-spot utility billing solution and solar services.
Nara Technologies Nara Technologies Rohit Nara, Founder & CTO Develops wireless water control and home automation systems. Also specialises in Enterprise Software, Electronics Development, Java Based Design, Android Application Development, Scientific Research and Development, Product Design & IOT.
NAS Electrical And Electronics NAS Electrical And Electronics Nishant Godha, Co-Founder A provider of Automation Systems, Solar Systems, Electrical & Electronics R & D, E-Vehicles, Mining Equipments, Security Systems & Parking Management Systems.
SALIEABS SALIEABS Harsha Prasanna, Raj Vigenesh & Manivanna, Co-Founder & CEO Specialises in Embedded Software, Custom Electronic Solutions, Satellite Telemetry Systems, Dataloggers and Plotters, IoT (Internet of Things), Telemetry, Remote Operations Control and Analytics & Industrial IoT
Sirena Technologies Sirena Technologies Hariharan Bojan, Director Designs solutions in the areas of Mechatronics, Control Systems, Electronics Software and Animators to provide Humanoid robots, Wireless speakers and Consumer Electronics.
Thinqbot Technologies Thinqbot Technologies Yuvraj Tomar, Founder & CEO Offers a comprehensive solution suite for Home Automation, Smart Homes, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Home Entertainment, Smart Lighting & Home Security.
Zapati Zapati Phagun Baya, Deepak Joshi & Manohar Sharan, CEO & Co-founder, Co-founder & VP & Co-founder & COO Leverages automation technologies to develop a novel appliance that automates Chapati making.