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    Emergency Medical Services: Each second is utilized effectively to save & secure Whenever we get severe issues with the health, we need an immediate action to be taken to reach to the medical experts to get the relief. If we don’t get the required services on time, there is no point of having it later. A person’s life cannot wait for anyone just like the time and tide, a second of negligence and it is gone. According to the 'Golden Hour' concept, critically injured patients must receive immediate medical attention within 60 minutes of sustaining injuries, so medical emergency services are the top most priority for any healthcare centers. Receiving a proper treatment within this first hour becomes crucial for the patient, as it can have a massive impact on...

10 Best Emergency Medical Service Startups – 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Hanuman Hanuman Dr. Niraj Jha,Founder & CEO Specializes in long-distance medical transportation, through its diverse ambulance options—train, air, and road ambulances leveraging technology and skilled medical personnel, ensures the best possible care—catering to hospitals and direct consumers
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aeropaarth Aeropaarth Pooja Suri , Director Aiming to transform aviation experience by providing swift, luxurious, and hassle-free air charter services. They offer high-end air ambulance services, ensuring timely and professional transportation of patients from one location to another at exceptional rates
Ambuvians Healthcare Ambuvians Healthcare Yash Kumar Goel , Founder & CEO Their mission is to provide exceptional care promptly and empathetically. They have dedicated ambulance service that offer rapid assistance to those in need. With skilled medical professionals and advanced they are providing medical transportation and emergency response
Amby Service Amby Service Dr. Srinivas Gangadhari , Founder One-stop world-class emergency ambulance service providers, backed by world class call center which uses cutting-edge technical software like computer-aided-dispatch, GPS enabled vehicles which enables them in providing reliable, accurate and in-time services
Dravidan Aviation Services Dravidan Aviation Services Umesh Kamath, Founder & Managing Director One of the leading and most dynamic representation in general aviation, air cargo charters & airlines and travel services. Aims to offer its products at a competitive price to meet the demand of the air charter services
Innomitra Innomitra Ruchi Sood , Director This is the best choice for your elder's care at home. This is the companion to assist, to talk, take along a walk, moreover they care like a friend. Best medical care service providers for elders alone at home
Patient Care 24*7 Patient Care 24*7 Mukib Akhtar , Founder & CEO They offer ICU service, ambulance service, find the right doctor and clinics near you, check availability and book intensive care units (ICU), emergency ambulance services, and home nurse care online consultation
Pococare Pococare Rangarajan Iyengar , Founder Bangalore-based tech-driven medical organization, changing how emergency services are understood, seen, and implemented in the country. This platform seamlessly shares crucial medical data with healthcare professionals and ensures timely notifications to emergency contacts until the patient reaches the hospital
RED Air Guardian RED Air Guardian Prabhdeep Singh , Founder & CEO Provide world-class emergency medical transportation services to people in need, to make sure every injured avails the best chance to survive and recover from an emergency. They prioritize the safety and comfort of the patients and have a proven track record of providing exceptional care
Zonact Healthcare Zonact Healthcare Mayur Ramgir , Director Uses state of the art medical equipment and follows international norms to provide convenient healthcare services at the comfort of your home. Provides best quality nursing services, ambulance services, 24/7 medicine delivery, rent medical eqipment. Their team comprises multi-specialist physicians, clinical psychologists, nutritionists, dentists, mental health counsellors, and other medical professionals