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  • 10 Best Energy Storage Startups – 2023

    Efficiently Store the Potential Energy to Change the Way of Life we Live Today Being a developing country, India is heading to attain a major succession in global economy. In enchanted growth of Indian economy, transportation and industrial sector covers a huge area to uplift the succession. At the same time, it elevates the chances of electricity scarcity and leading to increased greenhouse gases in the environment is betting simultaneously. On account of this the concept of energy storage can play an important role in improving the source of electrification grid as well saving the environment without harming the natural resources. It enables the possibilities of balancing the grid and adds enhanced value to power infrastructure. Storage of energy in advance helps the...

10 Best Energy Storage Startups – 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Piepers International Piepers International Rahul Ghosg & Arjit Mukherjee, Managing Partners Having an experience of two decades in hands in automotive and energy storage industry, they have been establishing their business partnerships in regions of Middle East Asia, Africa, South East Asia & Indian Sub-Continent. The company provides baterries and invertors for automotive and industries with solar and non solar solutions
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AAGSolutions AAGSolutions Jishnu Muraleedhara Panicker , Director Accelerating the transition to renewable energy, reducing carbon footprint, empowering energy independence, driving innovation, promoting energy education, and fostering sustainable partnerships by creating high-quality products and services to create a sustainable future
AURA Energy Plus AURA Energy Plus Aaditya Dhruve , Founder & CTO A dedicating firm that works with a mission of providing advanced energy storage battery solutions to customers through their 40+ applications including, solar street lights, medical beds, power Banks, and so on with higher efficiency and durability
Hub Energy Solutions (PPSL) Hub Energy Solutions (PPSL) Shiv Chawla , Sales Specialist A research driven manufacturing company, working dedicatively to become an expert in 'New Energy Technology' revolution era by providing smart energy solutions to the clients. The firm is currently executing projects in India, China, UK, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Canada
Icon Lithium Battery Icon Lithium Battery Amit Madan , Owner Engaging in making lithium batteries for scooters and bikes. They producing products which are quality-driven and pass through rigorous tests to ensure their long life with ideal durability and the batteries are engineered with the highest quality components to maximize the performance of battery system
Innolia Energy Innolia Energy Vani , Mentor Manufacturer and exporter of electric vehicle batteries and control panels. They deliver defect free batteries to their esteemed customers and offers various products including solar panels, E Bike batteries, LFP Cells with best grade in market
Kinowave Kinowave Janarthanan Venkatachalam , Co-Founder & CEO Providing solutions to store the energy efficiently without harming the environment. They uses the principle of vacuum-based pressure difference in their products with constant energy output through their patent-pending engineering structure
Panrom Power Panrom Power Pallavi Mishra , Director Dedicated to improve lives and the environment with power management technologies through sustainability. The company receives energies from natural resources and produces lithum-ion batteries for E-vehicles using advanced european technologies
Paramvir Power Solutions Paramvir Power Solutions Priyang Doshi , Founder The company became a standard firm by their engineering and design services. Initially they foccused on power quality, now exapanded their pivot attention in hydrogen and energy storage power electronics. They serving an array of energy power solutions to industrial applications such as defense, traction and clean energy
Tectonic Power Tectonic Power Devansh Patel , Founder Shaping a sustainable future of transportation by embracing the technique of electric mobility. The firm is focussing on reducing CO2 emission in environment caused by transportation. They utilizes chemical reactions to store, release energies and develop redox flow batteries