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  • 10 Most Promising Engineering Service Startups - 2019

    With the country making rapid advancements in the areas of Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing and Engineering Services Outsourcing, India is set to become the third-largest economy in the world by 2020. The exigency has now birth to a plethora of opportunities for high-quality service providers and is ensuring the talent availability & competitive technology skills. And, with growing times, the Indian Engineering Services sectors have made a tremendous plunge from the traditional way to the latest modern path with the involvement of high-end technology work across industry verticals. Today, companies are targeting global markets and are becoming formidable global competitors. In this context, the companies often require a variety of specialized engineering...

10 Most Promising Engineering Service Startups - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
FoOfys Solutions FoOfys Solutions Akshay Kingar, CEO Offers end-to-end solutions for entrepreneurs & businesses in the domain of design and technology
Innoventes Technologies Innoventes Technologies Ramanan Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder & CEO, Raghuram Bharathan, Co-founder Provides product development as a service by leveraging mobile, web, data engineering, cloud, open source for accelerated development and delivery
Kustomind Design Kustomind Design Vaibhav Pandit, Managing Partner A brand that assists OEMs in developing their gennext products or upgrade the product range through deep knowledge in engineering mechanization
Lattice Innovations Lattice Innovations Sahil Mehta, Founder & CTO, Chayan Chatterjee, Co-founder, COO A medical technology design factory that builds bespoke technology design & development.
Milekal Engineering Milekal Engineering Ratul Saha, Founding Partner An ESO brand that provides complete design, detailing and business integration from the estimation process to professional & expert support
Peak Tach Engineers Peak Tach Engineers Manish Raj, Founder Helps organizations in enhancing value of existing software tools by offering teller made customized solutions
SOFTECH BIM CONSULTANT SOFTECH BIM CONSULTANT Arindam Nath Sarkar, AsitBarai, Tarak Roy & Anup Bera , Co-Founders A traditional business model based on the implementation of BIM in the worldwide construction market
UNIC Feeds UNIC Feeds N. Rajesh Kumar, Founder, Vinoth kumar, Director Acknowledges drastic issues like weight loss, moisture content, protein deficiency, impurities & other chemical dosage effects that are faced by end user/animal livestock owners
Vexma Technologies Vexma Technologies Shaurin Patel & Shailendra Patel , Co-Founders An engineering firm that uses Manufacturing 4.0 methodologies for its services