• PI EV Solutions: A Robust Startup Taking The EV Industry By Storm
  • 10 Best EV Charging Startups - 2023

    The Future City There is a car passing you without leaving any smoke, look there is no driver in it but there are passengers engaged in their own things and the driverless electric car is running at a very high speed without breaking any traffic rules. This is what top Automotive companies are visualising about their products in the future. As the first step has been laid by World’s automotive kings like Tesla, Ford, and others by successfully topping the sales in electric cars, researches are going on to develop more efficient batteries so that the charging won’t be a time consuming task. Charging a battery in less time than it takes to refuel an ICE vehicle would be a game changing development in battery technology. In 2020, there were more than 10 Million electric...

10 Best EV Charging Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Pi EV Solutions Pi EV Solutions Iftikhar Ali, Founder & CMD A new-age energetic organization, incepted to meet the needs and requirements of EV ecosystem
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Charge Miles Charge Miles Dushyant Singh, Co-Founder A young organisation aiming to electrify the last mile connectivity across India and globally
Charz Net Charz Net Chakravarthy Ambati, CMO Fast tracks the EV adoption by tackling the most obvious hurdle of reliable charging infrastructure
Deepfleet Deepfleet Jijoy Chandrachoodan, Co-Founder Accelerates the EV revolution toward a greener world to enable consistent and sustainable growth of the EV ecosystem
Electricpe Electricpe Avinash Sharma , Co-Founder & CEO Racing ahead to provide smart, affordable, and clean electric mobility to a billion Indians
EV Urjaa EV Urjaa Sanyog Tiwari, Founder & CEO An energy provider, building an ecosystem for Electric three wheelers and two wheelers across the nation
Lioncharge Lioncharge Venkata Saiveer Reddy Gutha, Founder Working towards building a wide network of EV charging stations to support and increase the EV adoption rate in India
Saptha Vahana Saptha Vahana Jagannadha Rao Nara & Kameswara Rao Nara , Co-Founders Helps long-distance travellers or customers by installing public fast charging stations in strategic highway locations
Tritan EV Dock Tritan EV Dock Siddharth Shah, Founder An EV charging network, building an extensive EV Charging Ecosystem catering to vehicles of all categories
Truepower Truepower Anantha Bhargava Gollapalli, Founder & MD Encourages EV adoption by offering seamless and reliable charging experience