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  • 10 Best Fantasy Sports Startups - 2023

    Unveil the Door of Fantasy world & Experience the phenomenal Magic through Gaming After ending of a tiring brainstorming day, we all crave for something which will divert our mind and take us to another world where we can be the super heroes, and moreover which gives a moment of rehabilitation to our health and well-being by entertaining us. It is gaming, which is one of the most exciting industries in tech because of its importance to culture, entertainment and technological advancement. PC, console and mobile gaming companies are using the latest in tech to bring their games to the screens of more than three billion people. After Invention of AR/ VR technology the gaming industry has gone to the top and earning lucrative profits. VR games became very popular because it...

10 Best Fantasy Sports Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aaryavarta Technologies Aaryavarta Technologies Nilesh Gawade & Ajay Khamitkar, Co-Founders It approaches every project with a focus on delivering solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and requirements of each client. By understanding the complexities of each industry and taking the time to understand each client's processes operation philosophy, and priorities, they are able to develop solutions that provide real value to each business
Cyber Impulse Cyber Impulse Dheeraj Singh, Founder & Director One of the leading offshore software development company specialized in creative web designing and development, android and iOS app design and development. Proactively consult, design, develop & scale robust web, mobile & custom software solutions, that fuel innovation & deliver digital success
Fanisko Fanisko Sathish Chittibabu, Founder & CEO Proudly extends its global reach, fostering diverse connections across continents. With clients and partners spanning various industries, they bring a wealth of experience and innovation to engage audiences worldwide. Their collaborative ventures transcend borders, delivering unparalleled fan engagement solutions globally
Gameskraft Technologies Gameskraft Technologies Prithvi Singh, Founder One of India’s fastest growing online skill-based gaming companies and the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest online rummy tournament. It operates at the convergence of technology and gaming, offering millions of gamers secure and high-quality experiences
Geeks Gyaan Geeks Gyaan Abhishek Choudhary, Founder It is a tech startup aimed at helping people understand technology and use their gadgets efficiently. It receives 300,000+ users per month from all around the world. They aim to educate consumers on technology products and help make people’s lives better
KickRummy KickRummy Kundan Kumar, CEO They aim to provide a rummy gaming experience that preserves the nature of Rummy's simplicity and heightens the excitement, making it an experience like no other in online rummy gaming. Combines tradition and innovation, offering the best online rummy experience that pays homage to the game's rich heritage while welcoming the possibilities of the digital era
Playerzpot Playerzpot Sunil Yadav, CEO Provides a varied assortment of fantasy games, skilled casual games, and card games, with a strong emphasis on user pleasure and creativity. Engaging gaming experience by integrating next-generation technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML)
Skyesports Skyesports Shiva Nandy, Founder & CEO They own and operate more than 10 unique intellectual properties through which we have served millions of gamers in South Asia and beyond. The company was founded with the goal of elevating esports from the grassroots level and bringing competitive gaming to every nook and corner of India and the world
TechnoSkulls TechnoSkulls N. Krishna Mudiraj, Founder & CEO Team of tech enthusiasts who working on various projects including apps, games and web application. They have developed over a dozen games with around 8 games currently published on Android & iOS under the name of TechnoSkulls
Tournafest Tournafest Ayush Agarwal, Founder Reinventing the Esports ecosystem around us with a seamless and motivating platform where gamers can enhance their skills with a network alike. With this platform every gamer is a professional, and their talent gets the recognition they deserve