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  • 10 Best Food & Beverages Startups - 2020

    The food& beverages industry in India has grown as a high growth & profit sector due to its huge potential for value addition, mainly due to the food processing industry.Moreover, India has experienced an astonishing growth in the F&B sector over the past few years. Along with this, healthy food habit is turning to be the way of life and people are constantly making good food choices that are tasty, healthy and help them stay fit. With all the transformation and increase in population, no wonder that the Indian food & beverage market which is contributing major revenue for the country.While food processing is slowly extending itself as an industry of its own, thegovt is recognizing the need to encourage this sector. The Indian govt had previously allocated a...

10 Best Food & Beverages Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aibono Aibono Vivek Rajkumar, Founder A next dimension food & farming platform that unites two ends of the food chain from growing to consuming
Coolberg Coolberg Pankaj Aswani, Founder & CEO Strides with a single minded vision of new category of drink that is modern, trendy and aspirational
Frozen Bottle Frozen Bottle Pranshul Yadav, Director, Arun Suvarna, Founder &, Srihari Parthasarathy, Head Of Business Development Aims to grow, learn, serve and revolutionize the frozen dessert scene in India and around the world
Just Chapati Just Chapati Sandeep Jaganath, Founder Offers home made food to preserve and reserve and promote health lifestyle
 Kagome India Kagome India Rohit Bhatla, Managing Director Dispenses a wide range of preservative free Tomato Solutions that drives convenience, consistency, and customizability offerings that enhances cooking experience to Chefs
 Mix Box Mix Box Sameer Goyal, Partner Endeavours to bring new and innovative products to tingle the taste buds
 Osome Foods Osome Foods Anand Dharsandia, Founder &, Kirit Hadiyal, Co Founder Delivers alternative healthy snacking option with Clean Label Ingredients for new age consumers
Pipal Tree Beverages Pipal Tree Beverages Satish Negi, Founder & Director, Jasmeet Khanna, Co-Founder A new-age FMCG startup that manufactures and markets functional beverages to uplift nutritional value conveniently
Taali Taali Aarti Kochaar Kaji & Aditya Kaji, Co-Founders Manufactures snacks that are made from the seeds of a species of the water lily plant known as ‘euraleferox’