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  • 10 Best Food Processing Startups - 2019

    Healthy food habit is turning to be the way of life and people are constantly making good food choices that are tasty, healthy and helps them stay fit. With all this transformation and increase in population, no wonder that the Indian food processing market which is contributing nearly 30 percent of revenue for the entire food industry is growing multifold. While food processing is slowly extending itself as an industry of its own, the govt is recognizing the need to encourage this sector. The Indian govt had previously allocated a billion dollar under the twelfth five year plan to implement schemes for the promotion and development of the landscape. It has also taken some initiatives to facilitate the growth of this burgeoning space in order to promote the procurement...

10 Best Food Processing Startups - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agrofun Foods Agrofun Foods Abhay Shah, Yogesh Doshi, Harsh Parikh & Manan Doshi, Co-Founders A dynamic and innovative food company which brings a lot of conveniences to the household as well as food service industry
AkivaSuperFoods AkivaSuperFoods Shalabh Gupta, Founder A young, conscious and mindful Indian company offering a range of wellness food products
Aphrodite Foods Aphrodite Foods Maulik Kothari, Founder Driven by passion for cookery, the company serves a wide variety of Mediterranean flavours
Go Go Bananas Go Go Bananas Rohan Shetty, Founder A nutraceutical startup which manufactures gluten free 'Banana Flour' and by products from Canvendish variety bananas
Hungry Foal Hungry Foal Japna Rishi Kaushik & Vivek Kumar Kaushik, Founders Manufactures affordable and healthy food to reduce the burden of undernutrition across all age groups
Just Chapati Just Chapati Sandeep Jaganath, Founder Health is wealth. No doubt in that. So we are offering you home made food to preserve and reserve your health. After all trust factor is more important and genuinity is inevitable in homemade products.
Orillet Foods International Orillet Foods International Jeevan Prashanth, Founder & Partner A pioneer brand which launched ready-to-eat food made of Quinao in India
Soch Foods Soch Foods Rohit Pugalia, Founder & CEO A granola based brand that promotes healthy snacking and helping people keep up their proposition of following a hale and hearty diet
Wellversed Wellversed Aanan Khurma & Aditya Seth, Founders A multidisciplinary startup that enables production of customised clinical food products specific to health requirements