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  • 10 Best Freight Forwarding Startups - 2023

    Freight Forwarding is Navigating & Crossing Horizons to Fasten the World As we all know business trade is characterized by the interaction between buyer and seller. In this ever evolving competitive business scenario, it is little tricky to find right transportation modes, timely delivery partners, routes, all at an affordable prices, especially when it comes to international shipments. In order to synchronize communication with delivery details and balancing connection between organizations and consumers it is very important to fix the shipment requirements with right solutions. Here comes, our tech-savvy freight forwarders in to the picture as a savior on the spot. “Behind every success of business at all sizes, there is a dedicated and masterly freight...

10 Best Freight Forwarding Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cargocliff Cargocliff Kanika Sharma & Neeraj Chelawat, Directors Offering the advantage of tailor-made freight services, the company provides logistics services in a timely manner. They offer services such as air freight forwarding, sea freight forwarding, customs handling, trucking services, last mile delivery and so on
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Asap Cargo Logistics Asap Cargo Logistics Akshit Bansal, Director Dedicated to deliver fastest freight forwarding services, the firm provides world class end-to-end logistics solutions. They offer services such as freight forwarding, custom clearance, domestic transportation, trucking & carrying services and so on
Beacon Logistics Beacon Logistics Dilip Yadav, Export Manager Understanding the shipping business, the company provides excellent freight forwarding solutions. They offer services including air freight solutions, domestic transportation, ocean imports & exports, liquid logistics, customs clearance and so on
Candor Logistics Candor Logistics Subu TG, CEO Fastening the world with efficient logistics services, the company provides first-class freight forwarding services. They offer services such as air freight/sea freight, sea-air logistics, warehousing & distribution, sourcing & procurement and many other
Global Freight Mart India Global Freight Mart India Lakhvinder Singh, Director Dealing the freight forwarding with professional approach, the company provides tailored logistics services. They offer services including sea freight, air freight, road transportation, customs clearance, packaging & storage, warehousing and many other
GLS Shipping Worldwide GLS Shipping Worldwide Manoj Srivastava, Managing Director Broadening the field of freight forwarding & logistics management, the company provides services for freight forwarding transportation. They offer services including sea freight, air freight, road & rail freight, warehousing, supply chain management systems and so on
Shipsa Global Logistics Shipsa Global Logistics Shila Sanjaykumar Kori & Sanjaykumar Kori, Directors Emerging as a torchbearer in logistics industry, the firm provides effective, efficient & end-to-end logistical solutions. They offer services such as air freight service, ocean freight service, road transportation service, rail transportation service & so on
Stellar Air & Surface Transport Stellar Air & Surface Transport Sudam Rabada, Customer Service Manager Offering comprehensive and reliable transportation solutions to businesses, the company delivers reliable & high-quality freight forwarding services. They offer services including freight management, domestic transportation, packing services, cross trade solutions and many other
Vrrddhi Freight Vrrddhi Freight Anantharajayan Swarnakumar, Managing Director Catering to the timely logistic requirements, the company provides integrated logistics services. They serve for verticals such as high-tech pharmaceuticals, hotels, automotive, renewable energy, FMCG and many other industrial projects
VSP Logistics VSP Logistics Laxman Manjhi, Proprietor Navigating the future of logistics, the company provides high-end freight forwarding services via air & sea. They offer air import, air export, sea import, sea export and other logistics solutions for businesses inside the country & across borders