• Gnextera Energy: Revolutionizing Fuel Delivery with Doorstep Convenience
  • 10 Best Fuel Delivery Startups - 2023

    Fuel Delivery Services: Exploring New Horizons of Business with ease by Touch of Technology In such a cut-throat competitive situation, reaching to your desired destination or workplace on time is of paramount interest. But if you discover your vehicle is out of fuel, and on top of that there is no petrol pump near your location, then it will lead to panic-stricken situation, as without fuel your vehicle is rendered useless. But, in this era of internet and artificial intelligence, you do not need to worry a bit as fuel delivery is possible now at your doorstep and that too within your preferred time slot. Latest Technologies in Fuel Delivery Services: In today’s fast-moving environment no company can operate without slightest touch of technology. Earlier, we...

10 Best Fuel Delivery Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Gnextera Energy Gnextera Energy Kailas Dharmaji Lone, Founder & Managing Director Provides 24*7 fuel delivery at doorstep to keep industry on motion anytime & anywhere. Ensures clean and refined suprerior quality of diesel without adulteration. It offers fuel at the same market rate, eliminating transportation costs for customers
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Echo Fuels Echo Fuels Sarthak Jain, Co-Founder, Ankit Jain, Director Through ecological fuels, it envisions changing the nature of fuel distribution in India. To avoid dead mileage, fuel adulteration and pilferage they have comeup with a new concept of delivering the diesel at your doorstep. It lowers transportation costs and ensures prompt & hassle-free delivery
EZ Fuel EZ Fuel Sagar Goel, Founder & CEO, Parash Sancheti, Founder & CEO Provides full time diesel delivery service at ones door steps, with uncontaminated fuel and fast delivery both at job-site refueling and yard refueling. They fulfill diesel delivery needs on a regular schedule or on-call basis
Fuel It Fuel It Sathya K, CEO, Director & Business Strategist Driven by motivation, dedication and determination, they are redefining the way fuel distribution takes place in India. Delivers fuel at the doorstep of all those who often struggle with fuel procurement from traditional outlets avoiding ecological damages through spillages and pollution
Fuel Monk Fuel Monk Gangaram Krishnamurthy Sudha, Director Only government approved agency to deliver diesel at your doorstep with ‘zero-spill’ delivery system which helps to be worry-free about fuel theft that happens during transportation from pumps to location or whilst in storage. Official dealers of Indian Oil, that keeps the price at market rate but easing the fuel distribution system and provides paperless smart and prompt billing system
Fuel On Click Fuel On Click Kiran Kanan & Kuhelika Kanan, Directors, Soundarya Kumar, Managing Director It was founded with an aim to achieve the goal of 100 percent 'diesel door-todoor delivery'. Started first in Delhi NCR and then all around India to avoid pilferages, spillages, and dead mileage. Their aim is to deliver the clean fuel because clean fuel doesn't harm the environment
Kumaran Traders Kumaran Traders Ramesh Angappan , Founder With a mission to bring all fuels, be they liquid, gas, or electric, onto one platform and make it available with Mobile Energy Distribution it vowed to guide India towards a carbon-neutral future. Licensed by PESO and directly deals with Indian oil and deliver at doorstep in a short period of time
Mobile Fuel Kart Mobile Fuel Kart Binod Singh, Founder An app based fuel delivery company and BPCL’s 1st on demand fully automated fuel delivery at doorstep in Delhi NCR. It has been recognised by DPIIT startup India. Committed to deliver diesel within six hours of its booking and has set-up multiple mobile dispensing vans in Noida City and entire NCR
OTW Fuels OTW Fuels Abhaykumar Bandu Birnale, Kishor Ishwara, Pawar, and Manohar Mahavir Agare, Directors The company has revolutionized the way fuel is purchased, stored, and delivered, offering a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible solution. Supply diesel directly to schools, hospitals, apartments, fleets & cars and running diesel generators and takes pride oneself in its technology to make sure that customers get the proper quantity & quality on every order
Repos Energy Repos Energy Chetan Walunj & Aditi Bhosale Walnuj, Founders Curate fuels of all kinds under one umbrella and transform the energy distribution in the company using technology. Their mission is to bring all fuels, be it liquid, gas, or electric, onto one platform and make them available with Mobile Energy Distribution to guide India towards a carbon neutral future