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    In between the tussle of work life and domestic life we are losing our loving nature gradually day- by-day. Unknowingly we are exploiting the natural resources to draw the maximum benefits out of it. Energy is something that is of paramount importance and which is laying at the pinnacle of this industry driven economy. From the time immemorial, we are using convenient sources of energy like fossil fuels, coal, geothermal energy, naturalgas as the sources of energy for continuing daily needs of thermal power stations or other engineering and manufacturing industry or increasing demand of fuels for vehicles. But in return we are poisoning our mother nature by giving back harmful toxic fumes, chemical waste and by-products. Today, after a lot of research and findings we came to...

10 Best Green Energy Startups – 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cals Renewable Energy Cals Renewable Energy Arul Balan. R, Director Offers a range of services encompassing Wind Energy Development Projects, Solar Energy Development Projects, Solar Rooftop, Industrial & Solar Pump Projects, Power Transmission, & Distribution Projects, Infrastructure & Manpower Assignment for Windmill Erection, Commercial & Industrial Power Market, and Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs
Chirayu Power Chirayu Power Karan Chopda , Managing Director An ISO 9001:2015 certified and MNRE approved firm and MEDA channel partner, providing genuine, precise, and appropriate renewable energy solutions for Utility, industrial, commercial, and residential use. It has completed 50 plus MW of solar rooftop solutions and more than 150 MW of solar ground-mounted electricity solutions
Corwind Renergy Corwind Renergy Prajapati Bhumikaben Hiteshbhai & Prajapati Vishalkumar Kabhabhai , Founders Regarded as a leading player in the solar power and renewable energy space in Anand district with focus on creating and sustaining balanced portfolio of product, services and assets across solar energy space. They provide Solar Rooftop System & Solar Installation, Engineering Solutions, and Products & Services to solar energy developers
Enerman Technologies Enerman Technologies Ashok D M, Co-founder, CEO & MD A Bengaluru-based leading provider of innovative, IoT-based AI & ML-driven Energy Management solutions at affordable prices to the renewable energy Industry. Offers a wide range of innovative digital products, such as ETi-SOL, ETi-PPC, ETi-SLDC, ETi-EDGE, ETi-LMS, ETi- CAST, ETi-ZES, and ETi-LOG, collectively known as ETi series
Envogreen Energy Envogreen Energy L-R: Venkatesh Logidasan, Director - Operation Aruna Bharathi Chandrasekar, Director - Data Analyst Senkadhir Baalu, Director - Business Development, Specialized and believes in sustainable fuel development & in recycling highly refined natural wastes for a greener and cleaner environment. Making an impact on consumer health, friendly environmental fuels which support the country on economic growth. Discarding used cooking oil from kitchen and supplying it to biofuel manufacturers. They also educate about waste to energy, and how it will benefit the nation and environment
Green Watt Energy Green Watt Energy Kewal Rudani , CEO Committed to promoting energy independence with the installation of solar electric systems in our local communities. They strongly believe in the sun’s potential to significantly address the problems associated with power obtained from non-renewable sources of energy. Aim to work and provide solar solutions to the customers
Param Renewable Energy Param Renewable Energy Mr. Puneet Singh Jaggi, Founder & Director Leading providers of O&M solutions in the country, inspiring people to invest in renewable energy sources. Committed to delivering reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions to its customers. Expertise in plant maintenance and cutting-edge diagnostics, along with a remote monitoring system, ensures that the plants are running smoothly and producing optimal power
Reso Power Reso Power Hendrikus Kraakman & Swathi Hegde , Directors A group envisioning to reach the global markets with sustainable solutions that benefit the Earth and the end-user in long term. One-stop solution for renewable energy innovations and offerings.They invent, create and realize real sustainable power solutions that give everyone access to electricity
Solarium Green Energy Solarium Green Energy Ankit Garg , Founder & CEO Dedicated to achieving sustainable growth and making a positive impact on the world by upholding the company's vision of providing an exceptional customer experience journey. Focused on expanding its product portfolio for the residential solar installation market by developing customizable On-Grid systems with higher capacity and lower operational costsre running smoothly and producing optimal power
Uron Energy Uron Energy Khrushendu Choksi , Co-Founder A CleanTech Engineering and Management Company with an objective to provide the developers achieve optimum results by bringing worlds most advanced renewable energy technologies and building state-of-the-art energy efficient facilities. Building Integrated Photovoltaic and Organic Photovoltaic solutions, are the globally prevalent technologies they have worked with