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    Green energy has been an intrinsic part of human lives since evolution. Even today, when there is a privation of the natural resources and depletion of the ecosystem, green energy is playing a pivotal role in recuperating the environs. The inflating scarcity of electricity and the waning environment impelled humans to pay heed to the infinite power of the inexhaustible natural sources which could resolve the problem of electric power and also ameliorate nature by reducing carbon emission. Hence, a large number of companies have arrogated this concept and framed the renewable sector in India. As per several reports, India is moving forward to build a 175 GW in renewable energy generation by 2022 and to have renewable energy account for 40 percent of installed capacity by 2040. ...

10 Most Promising Green Energy Startups - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Elfrosun Technologies Elfrosun Technologies Ramesh Shaw, Director Envisions to convert every roof-top into a solar power house in itself which enables substantial savings in power bills for the consumers
InoSolar Energy InoSolar Energy Unmesh Jagtap, CEO & Director On a mission to enlighten lives of each and every Indian by providing clean and safe energy at affordable cost and MAKE IN INDIA green and environment friendly technology and products
Oorjan Oorjan Das Gautam & Devang M, Co-Founders Data-driven solar calculator from which customers get instantaneous solar quotes including - system size, multiple configurations and price options
PDO International PDO International Vaibhav Karkhanis, Founder Leverages in latest technology and trends to develop cost-effective and reliable green renewable energy solutions to Govt. and private projects
Powergreen Energy Solutions Powergreen Energy Solutions Puneet Banga , Managing Partner The vision of the company is to be a Supplier of Quality Products and Solutions in the fast-growing Rooftop Solar sector in India with great focus on timely and high quality installations
Raynhart Technologies And Systems Raynhart Technologies And Systems Ramakumar Purushothaman, Managing Director Attend to the needs of the future by creating Alternative Energy Solutions, Water Treatment Technologies & Solutions and Urban Farming and Hydroponics
The Solar Labs The Solar Labs Devang Bacharwar, Siddharth Gangal, Ankush Jindal, Abhay Singh & Ashwin A, Co-Founders Developing image recognition technology that would make the quote generation process easy and possible to do it on a mass scale with edge-determination technology, further enabling us to give personalized savings analysis of each house and expedite the process of making people use solar power
The Solarwale The Solarwale Sandeep Vig, Founder & CEO Developing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects in the field of solar across India
Zolt Energy Zolt Energy Harsha Yadav, Co-Founder One of the largest residential solar company in India which aims to make installing solar as easy as getting a broadband connection