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  • 10 Best Green Energy Startups - 2020

    The chain of natural disasters continues to rage mankind as well as nature. From floods hitting several states of India to Amazon fires topping the timeline of Instagram stories, every strike on the world has been severe and wrecking. And none other than humans are to be blamed! Our irresponsible activities are overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions, which is resulting in a series of significant and harmful impacts, from stronger, more frequent storms, to drought, sea-level rise, and extinction. On the contrary, human minds are smart enough in masking the loss. Aligned to this, in the recent past, green energy startups are venturing into the market to create more-eco-friendly methods of harnessing energy. They are helping us shift from usage...

10 Best Green Energy Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BIOD ENERGY BIOD ENERGY Shiva Vig, Founder Siddharth Vig, Vice President, Aayush Pant, Head of Operations AseemMahindru, Head of Sales Specializes in the eco-friendly manufacturing of combustible Bio Diesel from used cooking oil
Conferact Green Energy Conferact Green Energy Sunny Salekar & Rajkumar Mahto, Co-Founders Aims at leaving the world healthy and hearty for the future generations by becoming a source of green energy
KS Wind & Renewables KS Wind & Renewables Subramaniyam Kavitha & Kalimuthu Saravanakumar, Directors A growing Infrastructure Developing Organization involved in construction of Electrical and Civil construction in Power Sector towards execution, erection & installation of EHV Transmission Lines up-to 400KV Level & EHV Substations up-to 400KV Level
Obelisk Power Obelisk Power Amar Nath Anand & Kanishk Rathore, Co-Founders & Managing Directors Puts forward a robust way of generating energy on individual roof segments which helps people cut down on their monthly expenditure dedicated to the electricity bills
Oorjan Oorjan Das Gautam & Devang M, Co-Founders Data-driven solar calculator which empowers customers to get instantaneous solar quotes including - system size, multiple configurations and price options
PDO International PDO International Vaibhav Karkhanis, Founder Leverages latest technology and trends to develop cost-effective and reliable green renewable energy solutions to government and private projects
Quant Solar Quant Solar Siddhanth Agarwal & Pankaj Kumar, Co-Founders A cleantech company that aims to develop innovative and smart technologies based floating solar panels for a sustainable future
SAEL Energy Solutions SAEL Energy Solutions Saji Phillip, Founder & CEO Offers tailor-made products and services for Indian and global clients with focus on rooftop solar and turnkey solar/wind energy project
Ultrathon Electric Ultrathon Electric Shailendra Bhardwaj, Co-Founder & CEO, Aarti Bhardwaj, Co-Founder & COO Intends to reduce the ever-growing levels of carbon emissions by supplying reliable, renewable energy from the decentralized modes of production sources, delivering new, innovative solutions and technologies