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  • 10 Most Promising Hardware Systems And Devices Startups-2019

    India being the innovation bed for the software-focused companies; the country still lags behind in the hardware ecosystem. With the absence of a viable infrastructure and logistics solution hardware facilities like lab research and market, testing is only partially present as of now. But, the country is now slowly moving towards an improved hardware startup ecosystem with the emergence of the system design trend with many Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and design houses beginning to design and manufacturing processes in the country. Even so, the accumulation of capital to launch a company in the hardware domain is no common feat and demands a considerable amount of patience and courage in an individual. Make in India initiative has been initiated to enhance the growth of these...

10 Most Promising Hardware Systems And Devices Startups-2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3Not Robotics 3Not Robotics Kuldeep Wadaskar, Founder Develops advanced Robots including Social Humanoids with objective to assist humans in their daily activities
CWD Innovations CWD Innovations Tejas Ramniklal Kothari & Sodagudi Siddhartha Xavier, Directors An information and communication technology company that focuses on designing, developing, and selling integrated solutions combining the power of software and electronics
DreamVu DreamVu Rajat Aggarwal, Co-founder & CEO, Rohan Bhatial, Co-founder & COO/VP SalesAnoop Namboodiri, Co-founder & CSO A pioneer to build omni-stereo camera hardware and software platform for unifying human and machine vision
Futuristic Labs Futuristic Labs Goutham Gandhi Nadendla, Founder Builds consumer products with the perfect balance of design and utility to automate daily chores, tackle urban pollution and ease hardware prototyping
Kalyani Studio Kalyani Studio Viraj Kalyani, Founder and Chairman A high strength engineering and design company that partners with R&D and innovation teams of OEMs to catalyse their new product ideas with expertise
Picostone Technology Picostone Technology Niket Sarvaiya, Founder, Virang Jhaveri, CEO Innovates devices to make living spaces smarter by developing cost-effective technologies that automates everything
RajMall Inventives RajMall Inventives Vigneshwar KG, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, P B C Paul, CEO Empowering people by introducing ubiquitous computing in everyday life
Velmenni Velmenni Deepak Solanki, Co-Founder &CEO, Nikhil Bhulabhai, Bhavesh Amin & Nimesh Samani, Co-Founders Focuses on optimisation of speed efficiency and seamless connectivity within the Li-Fi domain
Zenatix Solutions Zenatix Solutions Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Co-founder and CTO, Vishal Bansal & Rahul Bhalla, Co-Founders Leverages end-to-end IoT expertise to create `connected infrastructures' for organizations with digital transformation goals