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  • 10 Most Promising Healthcare Startups in Bangalore - 2019

    Healthcare market in India is expected to grow by US$ 280 Bn in 2020 and Bangalore intends to make a huge contribution to this. Speaking in terms of healthcare services, Bangalore has always been one of the biggest medical hubs. Over a certain period of time, the city has evolved to deliver prudent results in medical operations like cardiac surgeries and in the field of Neuro- sciences. Bangalore’s health sector has always been at par with the worldwide standards, accompanied by best medical practitioners and technologically advanced equipment. The situation here gets better, as the health quotient isn’t just associated with hospitals, but with some of the bright healthcare startups in Bangalore. These startups are making progress, by proceeding towards a more holistic...

10 Most Promising Healthcare Startups in Bangalore - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cancer Moonshot Cancer Moonshot Deva Reddy , Founder Helps perform deep diagnosis and assist in designing personalized and precise treatment for cancer patients
Cure.fit Cure.fit Mukesh Bansal, Ankit Nagori , Founders Offers physical and mental health firtness solutions through a primary care vertical
Forus Health Forus Health K Chandrasekhar , Founder & CEO Focused on designing and developing technology solutions to increase accessibility and affordability of eye care
Genworks Health Genworks Health Ganesh Prasad, RR Balaji & Kiran Thadimarri, Co-Founders Offers a host of solutions from various best in class technology providers to complement and complete the requirements of healthcare professionals
HealthifyMe HealthifyMe Tushar Vashisht, Sachin Shenoy, Founders An online fitness tracker and meal planning solution integrated with a virtual nutritionist
Meldoc Meldoc Rajesh Naidu & Rajesh Pothugunta, Co-Founders, Balachandra Malepati, Director One-stop shop that offers all healthcare solutions exclusively to doctors
Portea Portea Meena Ganesh , MD & CEO Provides hospital-quality healthcare in the comfort of your home
Practo Practo Shashank ND & Abhinav Lal , Co-Founders Web-based platform that connects millions of patients with healthcare providers to help them make better healthcare decisions.
SuVitas SuVitas Antra Bhargava, CEO A leading provider of inpatient transition care facilities that enables individuals to 'Live Again'