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  • 10 Best Healthcare Startups in NCR - 2019

    India’s healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing segments and is expected to touch the mark of $280 billion by 2020. In a country where the doctor to patient ratio is very low and medical services fail to reach the remote areas, there is a huge market of opportunities that are waiting to be tapped in the segment. Grasping on this contingency, many startups are emerging in the healthcare sector and are redefining the model of care management in the country.  Curating newer and hi-tech ways of diagnostic solutions and preventive healthcare, these startups are harnessing the use of latest technologies like AI and Block chain to change the Indian healthcare landscape. From telemedicine and home healthcare to online pharmacy and digitization of health management,...

10 Best Healthcare Startups in NCR - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aarohan Healthcare Aarohan Healthcare Bharat Radhakrishnan, Founder Offers customised products and services in the healthcare domain for domestic and international markets
Consure Medical Consure Medical Nitin Chasmawala, Founder & CEO, Amit K Sharma, Founder & CTO Developing novel platform technologies to manage, diagnose, and treat various GI disorders
Ginger Healthcare Ginger Healthcare Abdul Alim & Dr. Arif Hussain Khan, Founding Directors The portal serves several thousand international patients from across the globe who are looking for affordable and high quality treatment in India
LabsAdvisor LabsAdvisor Rahul Shukla & Ashish Bhatia, Co-Founders Allows users to connect with pathology or radiology labs for various tests using its website and helpline numbers
Medtravels Medtravels Amit Ranjan, Co-Founder & CEO A web based technical platform that gives a patients the flexibility to choose and compare between doctors and hospitals at their preferred location and as per their budget
Mozocare Mozocare Cai Liqin, Krishan Kumar, Shashi Kumar , Mozocare Founding Team Providing a customised health care support as per the needs
Nurithm Labs Nurithm Labs Vikas Chouhan, Founder An tech-driven platform that enables general physicians and other non-dermatologists with a support tool to provide dermatologist level classification and treatment of skin disease
Online Medi Consult Online Medi Consult Dr. Ajay Parmar, Ritesh Bijoria & Dr. Atul Thakran, Co-Founders Tailor the solution and customize treatment suiting to pocket of patient, and offer the range of Hospitals from Super speciality to the Stand alone Nursing homes, with established credentials through most reputed Doctors
TR Lifesciences TR Lifesciences Vinay Gupta, Director - Finance, Dr. Gopal Sharan, CEO & MD Provides and delivers integrated management services designed to achieve client’s business objectives