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  • 10 Best Healthtech Startups - 2023

    Revolutionizing Environmental Challenges & Damages With Sustainable Cleantech Solutions To Promote Safe & Healthy Living Fueled by innovation and sustainability in the eco-conscious world, India has been spotlighting increased number of cleanTech startups in recent years. These startups are developing and deploying innovative solutions and technologies to identify and cater the core challenges in industries. They are constantly offering break-through solutions to address the disputes in each and every sector based on their products and services. India is grappling with issues such as climate change, depletion in natural resources and increasing level of pollution, cleanTech startups are playing key roles in battle against these acute concerns. Significance of...

10 Best Healthtech Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Anvesha Tech Lab Anvesha Tech Lab Priyank Patel, CEO Empowering healthcare with tech solutions, the company provides reliable & tailor-made solutions for specific requirements. They offer stability sample management, document issuance, quality management, E-logbook management & many other services for pharma ventures
Circadian Healthtech Circadian Healthtech Bhupinder Singh, Director Understanding every call of distress arising due to medical emergency, the firm provides products based on sleep diagnosis. They offer products such as EEG, ventilators, monitors, CPAP, BiPAP, oxygen devices, anaesthesia workstations and so on
Manasvi Healthtech Manasvi Healthtech Shivu Y S, Business Owner Striving to enhance the healthtech with innovation and technology, the company provides bio-medical equipment in both wholesaler and retail. They offer products such as blood pressure monitor, digital thermometer, pulse oximeter, compressor nebulizer and many more
Netmeds Netmeds Pradeep Dada, Founder An e-Pharma portal providing certified prescription and over the-counter (OTC) medicine and other healthcare products. They offer pan-India solutions for instant online purchasing and speedy delivery of prescription drugs
Open Health Care Network Open Health Care Network Amrutha Vijay, Product & Project Manager Reimagining healthcare delivery, the company provides multi disciplinary healthcare solutions to improve the clinical outcomes. They offer teleICU, realtime analytics of beds, ICUs, ventilators, oxygen monitoring, integrated ambulance shifting and many other services
Peaar Healthtech Peaar Healthtech Lakshay Gupta, Director Perfecting mobility without compromising accessibility, the company manufacturing medical equipment. They offer highest quality products including wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches & all types of hospital furniture
Pertinent Healthcare Business Solutions Pertinent Healthcare Business Solutions Ziya Ansari, Director Enhancing the operational efficiency of healthcare establishments, the firm provides optimal administrative solutions. They offer services such as off shore delivery centre, payroll and accounting solutions, practice management, and so on
PreDoc.ai PreDoc.ai Prashant Chaudhary, Director Intensifying healthcare, the company provides AI based real time medical diagnosis using smartphone, tablet or computer. They offer remote diagnosis services for Covid-19 screening and neonatal jaundice with high accuracy and faster results
Zebricon Zebricon Pankaj Wanjari, Co-Founder & Director Blending the health domain and IT services, the company provides professional and exclusive custom software development solutions for healthcare. They offer services such as Hospital Management System, HR & Payroll Management System, Laboratory Management System and so on
Zemusi Tech Solutions Zemusi Tech Solutions Ramesh Chandra Mahapatra, MD & CEO Providing software solutions for most complex requirements, the company offers hospital management solutions. They offer solutions for laboratory management pharmacy billing & collection, blood bank, medication orders and so on