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  • 10 Best Home Decor Startups - 2022

    A huge number of startup owners are focusing on creating fantastic products in the décor section that are helpful for the clients as well as create a client-based aesthetic. The startups are striving for innovative, fresh, and aimed transformative businesses. The services include remodeling of kitchen spaces, interior design spaces, and bright wall colors. The wall colors are inspiring with quotes for suggesting a statement. Tech companies are working on developing their values, culture, and work ethic. For achievement of the highest quality interior design in ways impressive and responsive to how a company works through designs, startups are growing with their businesses in ways of attaining potential employees, vendors, and customers and gaining the means of investment....

10 Best Home Decor Startups - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Manasvini Manasvini Ankita Gupta, Founder, Pankhuri Singhal, Co-Founder The Manasvini foundation Trust is aimed at providing employment opportunities to underprivileged women and marginalised society by promoting local art and handicrafts
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Boho Studio Boho Studio Komal Bhulani & Imaya Gopal, Co-Founders & Principal Designers An excellent provider of interior design and retail design studio for earthy, eclectic, quirky designs to their spaces, furniture, light fixtures and home accessories
Bonito Designs Bonito Designs Sameer AM, CEO An effective provider of Design Solutions, Production, Installation, and Handovers
CuroCarte CuroCarte Kanupriya Verma, CEO Offering world class services in performing design interventions according to customer's elegant tastes and unique lifestyle
D'Curve Development Services D'Curve Development Services Guruswaroop P & Charan Pommarapalli, Co-Founders Integrating technologies of manufacturing for high quality furniture that fulfils ergonomics with great efficiency
Decor Dreams Decor Dreams Atul Jain & Megha Jain, Co-Founders An on-time project deliverer for Living Room, Dining Room, Bed Room, Kids Room, Study Room, TV Unit and Pooja Area
Invisible Bed Invisible Bed Prashanth H & Team, Co-Founders A provider of excellent quality multifunctional space for optimizing interior solutions for clients in India
Niftyhomes Niftyhomes Khushal Agarwal & Sanskar Khandelwal, Founders A provider of Home Decor, Luxury Decor, Wall Art, Handicrafts, Interior Design, Homes and Gardens, Hand-Made, Lamps and Lighting, and Art
Remek Remek Mandawi Verma, Satya Dwivedi & Madhavi Verma, Co-Founders An offerer of authentic and unique handcrafted lifestyle products
The Art Spa The Art Spa Sudha Ahuja, Founder One stop destination for authentic and unique high quality, handcrafted home wares and gifts