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  • 10 Best Language Learning Startups – 2023

    A New language - No more a Hectic Task The Gen-Y considers world as home instead of dreaming for a home in the world. They love to explore, travel, see new worlds and interact with new people, learn new habits and choose where to spent rest of their lives. Humans often likes to try a number of new things, learning new language is one such thing. Learning a new language is exciting and is a challenging activity to your brain. A bucket of new words and moreover learning the accent makes it difficult. People learn languages for plenty of reasons. Students planning to get into foreign colleges might need to learn that particular language, another category is of employees like Nurses, Doctors and so on, whose interactions with locals are inevitable, need to learn local language and...

10 Best Language Learning Startups – 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bhasha Bhasha Gaurav Rathi, Co-Founder An Indian language learning platform to promote the learning of the Indian languages by empowering them with expert guidance
EngVarta EngVarta Ashish kumar pandey, Founder & CEO The platform allows to learn & practice spoken english with live english experts and also provides free video lessons and practice tips from the experts
Entri Entri Mohammed Hisamuddin, Founder A vernacular learning platform that aims at helping people land their dream job by empowering them with the right skill set & expert guidance at an affordable cost
Get Started Get Started Vivek R., Founder & CEO An online learning platform to build creative careers, digital mastery and habits that cultivate work skills for the future and trying to bridge the gap between education & employment
Language Curry Language Curry Vatsala Sharma, Co-Founder A language learning platform with a keen focus on Indian languages with the curriculum designed by empaneled language experts
Language Fluent Language Fluent Avesh Banani , Co-Founder & CEO An EdTech startup helping students and corporates with language learning, language translation/ interpretation and complete study abroad assistance
Lanstitut Lanstitut Khubaib Abdul Salam, Co-Founder & CEO A startup in experiential language learning space helping students to become global citizens by providing them opportunities through cultural & linguistic immersion programs and Intensive foreign language training classes
Master Spellers Master Spellers Sharmishtha Chawda, Founder & CEO A comprehensive and holistic approach to discovering and learning the nuances of english language within a self-motivated framework of a competition
Multibhashi Multibhashi Anuradha Aggrawal, Founder A language learning platform that focuses on the learning outcomes of a user while keeping the learning process fun and intuitive
OckyPocky OckyPocky Amitt Agrawwal, Founder An interactive english learning app for preschool kids, teaching english with unique blended learning pedagogy and also curate creative courses for young learners