• Quoqo: On a Mission to Excel as a One-Stop Shop for Legal Process Automation
  • 10 Best Legal Tech Startups - 2023

    Tech Disruption in Legality - The Rise of Legal-Tech Frontiers in Startup Landscape The Legal tech startups in India are emerging as the forefront of innovation and assimilating the intricacies of law with cutting-edge technologies to modernize the legal landscape of the country. These startups spearhead a transformative era where law and innovation meets together to uplift the legality across the nation. Armed with AI algorithms, machine learning, and intuitive platforms, these trailblazers are not merely boosting the legal processes, they are redefining the extreme essence of legal services, and democratizing the accessibility to justice for everyone. "In the digital era, the meeting point of law, expertise, and technology is need of-the-hour to simplify the legalities...

10 Best Legal Tech Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Quoqo Quoqo Chetan Nagendra, Founder & CEO Accelerating business to light speed, the company acts as a one stop for legal process automation. They specializes in AI legal tech, CLM, contract lifecylce management, blockchain, contract negotiations and so on
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
De Jure Legal Tech De Jure Legal Tech Priya Sharma, Director Aiming to deliver the best quality legal services at the prime proficiency, the company acts as a prime legal outsourcing service providers. They offer services including document review, contract management, paralegal, CIR services and so on
 Jurists Global Jurists Global Manoj K. Pattanaik, Founder, Advocate & Managing Partner Providing legal expertise that people can rely on, the firm provides online legal consultation from top advocates. They offer legal services for various needs including criminal, civil, consumer protection, property, contract, family, divorce, banking, immigration & so on
Legal IT Legal IT Rajdeep Rana, Legal Specialist Understanding everything in Law, the firm provides ultimate solution for all your legal needs. They offer a comprehensive suite of online legal services, legal funding & AI tools to simplify & streamline the legal process for lawyers and their respective clients
Legodesk Legodesk Mohan Kumar Bai, Co-Founder & CTO Committed to simplify legal processes, the company acts as a cloud-based integrated legal software solution for law firms, banks, NBFCs, and FinTechs. They help them to stay competitive & digitize the legal operations through automation, delinquency tracking & collaboration tools
Lexcomply Lexcomply Gaurrav Jaiin, Founder Being a trusted partner for governance, risks and compliance needs, the company provides robust compliance management solution platform. They offer legal solutions such as compliance management, enterprise risk management, litigation management & so on
MyAdvo.in MyAdvo.in Kushal Bhagat, Co-Founder Making legal simple, the firm provides standardized services & consultations for legal cases. They specializes in legal advisory, recommendations, legal query and many others to disentangle the complexities in legal machinery
RESO Technologies RESO Technologies Netant Jain, Co-Founder Helping to settle disputes in hassle-free & economical way, the company act as resilient and efficient, online Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) platform. They offer solutions for various sectors including infrastructure, banking, procurement, business, contracts and many others
Sama Sama Akshetha, Pranjal Sinha & Vikram Kumar, Co-Founders Finding a new way to resolve legal disputes, the company helps to resolve a wide variety of legal disputes between businesses & customers, employers & employees, landlords & tenants, professionals & clients, or anyone else through online with timely manner
Zephara Zephara Abdullah, Founder Reshaping the landscape of the legal industry with AI, the firm delivers AI-powered legal tech solutions. They specializes in artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP, law, Indian law, strategy, and digitization