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  • 10 Best Mental Health Startups - 2024

    Mental Health: Overwhelming Abode of Happiness & Healthy Living Mental health literally means the emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It actively affects how we think, feel, and act. It helps to determine how we handle stress, related to others, and make choices. If you experience mental health problems, your thinking, mood, and behavior could be affected. Mental health is a basic human right. And it is crucial to personal, community and socio-economic development. Exposure to unfavorable social, economic, geopolitical and environmental circumstances – including poverty, violence, inequality and environmental deprivation can increase people’s risk of experiencing mental health conditions. 90 percent of the people have something in life which give...

10 Best Mental Health Startups - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aanya Wellness Aanya Wellness Tanaaz Irani, COO A preventive healthcare platform, the company provides access to thousands of wellness contributors across India. They offer services under diverse categories including mental health, online wellness, corporate wellness, wellness tourism & many others
Amaha Amaha Amit Malik, Founder & CEO Bringing together self-care support from qualified therapists & psychiatrists, the company provides best & quality mental healthcare services. They offer services such as adult therapy, adult psychiatry, children first services, couples therapy, psychometric assessments & so on
Butterfly Psycho Therapy Butterfly Psycho Therapy Ankita Deshmukh, Founder & Chief Clinical Psychologist Transforming lives & minds, the company offers therapies to empower people to navigate their mental health journey. They offer various services such as, therapy counselling psycho-diagnostic & psychometric assessments, experiential workshops, clubs, corporate trainings & so on
DAWN Healthyminds DAWN Healthyminds Daljeet Kaur, Founder Creating a society, where all the people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing, the company provides personalized & evidence-based solutions. They offer mental health workshops for individuals, corporates, hospitals, communities, schools, universities & so on
Ehsas Health Solutions And Services Ehsas Health Solutions And Services Jasmeen Kaur, Founder & Director Believing the power of mental health support, the company provides affordable therapeutic services & educational resources. They offer wide range of services including individual psychotherapy sessions, tailored assessments, comprehensive programs & so on
Havoc Therapy Havoc Therapy Siddharth Ragi, Founder & CEO Cultivating mental well-being through expert care, accessible therapy & guidance, the company provides mental health services for diverse range of problems. They offer online consultations, professional counseling, professional therapy & so on
Mind Reinstate Mind Reinstate Chiranjeevi, Founder As a budding online & offline counseling & treatment company, the company provides professional mental health services. They offer services including assessment, diagnosis, psycho education, psychotherapy, counseling, individual therapy & many others
Purl Wellness Purl Wellness Vivek S, Founder Working on mission to provide a sanctuary of support & growth, the company provides services to empower the mental, emotional & spiritual health. They offer counseling & trainings for diverse categories such as stress management, shame & guilt, self-sabotage, self-exploration & self-awareness, relationship issues, phobias & so on
Swasth Mind Swasth Mind Aditya Khaparde, Founder Distinguishing the challenges facing by young individuals, the company provides the most affordable mental health & wellness support. They offer unique group sessions for individuals, one on-one sessions, blogs, videos & other informational materials to create awareness on mental health
Unfiltered Psychotherapy Centre Unfiltered Psychotherapy Centre Niharika Bajpai, Founder Recovering mental wellness, the company provides wide range of mental health services from qualified professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists and special educators. They offer psychotherapy, counseling, psychiatric consultation, child psychology & psychological assessments