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  • 10 Most Promising Middle East Healthcare Startups - 2018

    Health is Wealth’, goes one of the most popular sayings of all times that has been passed to all generations since ages. And with each passing time, the global healthcare scenario demands a transformational paradigm which is poised to redefine the healthcare delivery mechanism. The existing trends of aging population, rise in chronic diseases and more tend to further overextend with issues to access, quality and cost. With every nation trying hard to develop an effective healthcare ecosystem, the MENA regions with considerable wealth has technologically leapfrogged to implement the most modern healthcare technology available. As the middle east has developed a proper agenda in the new era, it has also created an opportunity to structure the way healthcare is conceived based on...

10 Most Promising Middle East Healthcare Startups - 2018


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Hospitaliz Hospitaliz Raja Joy Phookan, CEO & Co-Founder,Nandini Basu Phookan, Managing Director & Co-Founder A hospital information and review website and app that gives consumers the power of informed choices for private hospitals worldwide
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3eesho 3eesho Rafah Alkhatib, Co-Founder Largest Arab online social network for healthy living focused on middle east with around one million users
Altibbi Altibbi Ayman Saraiha, Co-Founder & COO Touted to be the no.1 digital health platform in the Arab world that provides access to health advice 24/7 anywhere through its website and apps
CrediHealth CrediHealth Ravi Virmani, Founder With the largest admired hospital network. CrediHealth has introduced a ground-breaking approach for people to compare and select from a comprehensive database of hospitals, doctors and treatments
Forus Health Forus Health Chandrashekar K, Founder & CEO A medical technology start-up that serves towrads the sole goal to eradicate avoidable blindness
Lybrate Lybrate Saurabh Arora, Co-Founder & CEO India’s first and largest online doctor consultation platform that seamlessly connects doctors and patients through varied mediums
Mosaikx Inc Mosaikx Inc Sina T. , CEO & Co-Founder An intelligent platform for senior care that provides better care to your loved ones, from distance
Niramai Niramai Geetha Manjunath, CEO A deep-tech startup addressing critical healthcare problems through automated solutions
Tebcan Tebcan Nidal Yousef, CEO One of the leading eHealth & medical tourism platforms that missions to impact lives with providing adequate & affordable healthcare solutions
Tricog Health Services Tricog Health Services Zainul Charbiwala, CTO & Co-Founder Modern technology with medical expertise that aims to help doctors save a million lives