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  • 10 Best Mumbai Women Startups - 2020

    The city of dreams, Mumbai has staunchly supported the grail of million aspiring minds, encouraging and supporting innovative ideas and out-of-the-box approaches which served as the base to many newly yet impressive enterprises. These sent of event and the utter support has gradually made the vicinity the most preferred startup hub for entrepreneurs. The city has astounded everyone with the fervent support and opportunities it has provided to the women as go-getters in the country. It has been a land to many women led organizations that were immensely successful. This school of thoughts and approaches are exemplar step taken towards bridging the gender gap between gender, empowering women, lifting up their status in the society and the business world and boosting women entrepreneurship...

10 Best Mumbai Women Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Algorisys Technologies Algorisys Technologies Radhika Pillai, Co-Founder Undertakes software development activities including desktop, web, mobile using ASP.NET, NodeJS, Rails, PHP and others
BabyChakra BabyChakra Naiyya Saggi, Founder A platform that is changing the way Indian families raise their children, serves as a companion from when they are trying to conceive to when their child is five years old
Bizlem Bizlem Geetanjali Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Devna Agarwal, Co-Founder Creates lasting transformations using technology and business context considering the platform approach to ensure flexibility, security and integrability of the products, in the existing ecosystem
Coutloot Coutloot Mahima Kaul, Co-Founder & COO Enables offline to online (O2O) social commerce platform which let's anyone sell online across the country directly to buyers who can simply bargain and shop online from the sellers
DEZINEBOX DEZINEBOX Shweta Deshmukh & Abhijeet Deshmukh, Founders Deals in both the process and product of planning, designing & constructing form, space, and ambience that reflects the functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations
GNNTrends GNNTrends Gunjan Gulati Katrak, Founder In involved in the process of setting up a 360 degree sourcing solution for its clients from Designing, Product development, Costing negotiations, Production planning , and warehousing to provide door deliveries to the customers
Hirearchy Hirearchy Neeti Garg, Founder A passionate and compassionate brand that focuses on empowering mothers and provides HR consulting services for building strong teams across organizations.
Kanishka Software Kanishka Software Snehal Desle Umbarkar, Director Leverages technology to provide cutting edge products to non-IT companies in Real Estate, Facility Management, Food Industry, and Manufacturing
LoveLocal LoveLocal Akanksha Hazari, Founder & CEO Brings every Trusted Local Shops Online and empowering them to deliver the neighbourhood shopping experience of the future
Silhouette Silhouette Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta, Founder & CEO Designed to boost the quality of people's everyday life, whether it is a business or personal way of life, and enhance your performance levels