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  • 10 Best Natural Language Processing Startups -­ 2023

    Increasing the Chatbot Accuracy with NLP As the importance of data is growing, so does the necessity to differentiate these data. This is where Natural Language Processing (NLP) a growing subset of AI finds importance due to the increasing amount of unstructured language data. The rapid growth of social media contributing to the piling up digital data, is creating troubles in generating user data. NLP enables systems to understand and comprehend information through linguistics in the same way as humans do. The lack of understanding of semantics and context is a major reason that the interactive automation systems such as chatbots are unable to replace humans. Chatbots rely on NLP to deliver more accurate responses to the end user's requests. The technology can be used to...

10 Best Natural Language Processing Startups -­ 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Asrlytics Asrlytics Rohith Gowtham Kodali, Founder Implements speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning and ontological modelling on various Indian and foreign languages, for software products
Cognegica Networks Cognegica Networks Gurappa Dappin, Founder Offers multilingual, high-quality training data sets for AI and NLP applications that include data collection, data segmentation, data labelling, and data annotation of speech, audio, video, text, and image
Datatobiz Datatobiz Ankush Sharma, Co-Founder An AI and Big Data Analytics firm helps organisations in managing their data assets, and finding the best ways to surface insights from the data to enable them with data centric decisions
Datavid Datavid Balvinder Singh Dang, Director Provides data intelligence solutions for global enterprise companies and leading the way in R&D, customer experience, and innovation
Frinksyn AI Frinksyn AI Partha S. Adhikari, Founder Brings together the best people, processes, and technologies to deliver exceptional quality data services
GoodWorkLabs GoodWorkLabs Sonia Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO A new-age boutique software lab with a core focus on Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning technologies delivers cutting-edge products and solutions for customers globally
Impactsure Impactsure Dharmarajan, CEO Offers simple and practical solutions which Improve business outcomes, delightful customer experiences exceptional operational efficiency, and compliance with regulations
Tech Vedika Tech Vedika Sai Sangineni, Founder An Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) focused Services Company providing Innovative Technology Solutions to customers
UtilizeAI UtilizeAI Ankur Parikh, Founder Developing an AI that acquires new knowledge and skills by reading and interacting with people, ensuring that it provides scalable solutions to real world problems and explains its own decisions
WhizAI WhizAI Krishna Bhavsar, Head - NLP An AI-powered analytics platform, puts insights directly into the hands of business users and empowers decision-makers to drive more informed and faster business decisions at lower cost