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  • 10 Best No-code & Low code Startups - 2022

    In this technology-driven era, where companies and startups are pragmatically turning digital, the low-code/no-code movement has taken the enterprise tech industry by storm. Solidifying its presence with a lasting prowess of technology, where No-code development platforms are tools that enable businesses to develop software quickly and easily without having to write code, Low-code and no-code tools promise to do everything from solving the developer scarcity crisis to empowering the average business user to build applications. The greatest advantage of low-code/no-code application development lies in the fact that many of the tedious tasks throughout the process become automated. Thence, many companies today, relying completely on no-code or low-code platforms for their tech-based...

10 Best No-code & Low code Startups - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Appy Pie Appy Pie Abhinav Girdhar, Founder & CEO A no-code platform committed to helping business owners benefit from the latest technology without worrying about getting entangled in coding, acquiring a million new skills, or spending a bomb
Auxtomate Technologies Auxtomate Technologies Ramesh Lokanayakulu, Founder & CEO, Srini Saripalli, Co-Founder & C, Raj Juvvadi, Managing Consultant It is a technology and business transformation accelerator in the products & services areas combining UX & Automation in the space of low code/no code API integration & API testing
Clappia Clappia Ashutosh K Thakur , Co-Founder A digital transformation platform where creating process applications is as easy as working on Excel sheets
ForBinary Technologies ForBinary Technologies Anish Sankhe , Co-Founder A young enterprising company, established by IIT alumni, to deliver smart mobile solutions to address issues that are faced by organizations, particularly in the developing world
Myraah Myraah Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder A web3 creation and storage platform that makes it easy to experience the decentralized web without writing a single line of code
Officexlr Officexlr Karan Shinde & Shubham Rajelli, Co-Founders A Low-code application development platform for your businesses to create customized, secure & integrated, internal business applications faster
Quixy Quixy Gautam Nimmagadda, Founder & CEO Offers a no-code application development platform wherein businesses users without any coding skills can automate workflows and processes, and build enterprise-grade application
Stackby Stackby Rachit Khator, Founder & CEO Brings together the best of spreadsheets, tables, databases and business APIs in a single customizable platform
TechJockey TechJockey Akash Nangia & Arjun Mittal, Co-Founders An online e-commerce platform, which brings the best of IT solutions to SMBs, MSMEs and big enterprises in India
Undaku Undaku Dhanilan, CEO It is an end-to-end platform that allows its customers to build, deploy and scale their products without any boundaries with the best core features