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  • 10 Best Non-Banking Financial Startups - 2023

    The surge of NBFCs restructuring the finance & banking sector of India According to statista, there is 9680 Non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) that are registered under reserve bank of India. The services and retail industry has remained largest recipient of credits from Nonbanking financial companies. The GDP ratio of NBFCs credit has rose and stood at the rate of 13.7 percent from the FY 2013 to 2021. With growing financial needs of rural population and urban middle class people, Non-banking financial companies are considered as perfect alternative for prevailed banking systems. NBFCs & startups are playing pivotal role in Indian financial landscape. They are providing various financial services in different aspects including facilities for loans, credits, capital...

10 Best Non-Banking Financial Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Rupitol Finance Rupitol Finance Amit Bolia ,Founder & MD Keeping integrity & transparency as a major key focus, the firm empowers people by offering quick and affordable loans. Their products falls under three prominent categories namely, Secured Business Loans, Nari Shakti Loans and Insta Biz Loans
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Blackopal Group Blackopal Group Prasoon Chauhan, Founder & CEO They attract, nurture, and retain the best talent. The organization thrives on creativity and ideas, guided solely by meritocracy. Working with a team of over 50+ ambitious professionals who share the dream of helping customers find their dream homes every single day
Firstfin Nidhi Limited Firstfin Nidhi Limited Kuldeep E S & Sathyanarayana V, Managing Director & COO The main objective of the company is to boost and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, saving habit and to render all financial assistance to its member by receiving long and short-term deposits and in particular recurring, fixed and other special deposits. Comply on all necessary operating guidelines such as Capital Adequacy, Statutory compliance, and Income Recognition
Kaunshya Capital Kaunshya Capital Suresha H A, Founder & Director Offers innovative portfolio of customer-centric financial products and solutions in sync with emerging new business trends. Gives paramount importance to the progress, achievements and success of each customer. Provides a sense of accountability to the customer, being true to its vision of partner in progress
Prayaan Capital Prayaan Capital G. Madhan Mohan, Managing Director & CEO Conceptualised by the founders intending to service the complete business needs of its customers and thereby co-travelling with them on their entrepreneurial journey. Committed to inclusively servicing, small businesses with a combination of both Technology and Retail Branches
Rapid Rupee Rapid Rupee Nitesh Joshi, Founder Using new-age technology and a user-friendly interface they ensure that you have easier access to an instant loan in India. Able to approve loans 20 minutes within a disbursal time of 2 hours with a guarantee of zero paper work. A team of tech-lovers, innovative thinkers and doers, who work hard so our consumers can take it easy
Rathi Fin Solutions Rathi Fin Solutions Sachin Rathi, Founder Proudly serving clients with its best Investment guide services. Committed to provide clients with the highest quality financial services combined with the lowest rates available in area. They have tie-up with Corporate DSA (50 + Banks & NBFC For Loan)
Saafe Saafe Venkatesh Krishnamoorti, Managing Director An empowering one-stop solution for providing a real-time aggregated view of financial assets for individuals and businesses. Their mission is to empower individuals and entrepreneurs to help achieve their financial goals. This state-of-the-art API driven solution puts you in the driver seat of managing your finances and personal wealth
Seeds Fincap Seeds Fincap Subhash Chandra Acharya, MD & CEO Serving the evolving finanacial needs of individuals & businesses, the firm provides progressive & superior financial solutions. They offer financial loans namely, Samvardhan (un-secured individual) loans, Samridhi (secured individual) loans and Group lending loans
Visionants Visionants Vamshee Paidimarry, Managing Director With over 18 years of combined experience of banking and financial sector and principles, the company bring a tradition of excellence and dedication to a wide variety of services and client types. Leverage technology to provide services on a real-time basis, operating in a paperless/wireless environment