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  • 10 Best Organic & Bio Fertilizer Startups - 2023

    Switch to Organic Fertilizer Today & Ensure the Health of your Food Tomorrow In this social media driven decade where people believe social media influencers more than their parents or friends, the new concept of sustainable organic farming, and organic food is burgeoning at a potential pace. Intensive food production for explosively bulging population uses animal feeds supplemented with essential elements and other nonessential metals which get incorporated inadvertently in animal manures, which can uplift the quality of the soil without extensively exploiting the Mother Nature. Organic Fertilizers are environmentally friendly nutrient supplements that are produced from 100% natural raw materials and contain carbon. Usually, these manures are made by decomposing biodegradable...

10 Best Organic & Bio Fertilizer Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Good Value Organics Good Value Organics Tan Vir Pruthi, Proprietor Presenting the supremacy of Vermi Composting, the company provides quality natural and organic products. To add a touch of sustainability to our daily routines, they offer organic fertilizers, natural pest control products and natural cleaning products
Mahapeek Mahapeek Suhas Kachare, Director With a wide acquaintance in agriculture sector, the firm manufactures highly effective range of water soluble fertilizers. They offer various types of fertilizers including micro-nutrient fertilizers, foliar spray fertilizers, organic soil application fertilizers, trace elements fertilizers and many others
Muktai Organic Fertilizers Muktai Organic Fertilizers Nitin Atole, Director Educating farmers for Organic Farming, the firm manufactures Agro-Products which are certified by government of India. They offer products such as bio-fertilizers, bio- pesticides, micronutrients, organic, plant growth promoters, herbal extracts, bio- stimulants and so on
Namada Organic Namada Organic Ashishkumar Trivedi, Director Holding a core strength in researching and manufacturing biological pesticides & organic fertilizers, the company provides high quality botanical pesticides. They offer products such as Organic Pesiticide, Organic Insecticide, Organic Fungicide and Organic PGR/Carbon
Orgolife Solutions Orgolife Solutions Paramjeet Singh, Chief Managing Director Serving for better living, the company provides inimitable organic products to increase quality and quantity of farm production. They offer organic products under various categories such as Agriculture, Veterinary, Herbal, Personal care, Home care products
Prathista Enterprises Prathista Enterprises K.S.N. Murthy, Managing Partner Pioneering in the field of marketing the organic products, fertilizer products and nutraceuticals, the company acts as a certified organic fertilizers trading platform. Their range of organic products are Bio Potash, Bio Zink, Bio Phos, NPK, Meghacal, Suryamin, Neam & amp and so on
Riddhi Soilcare Riddhi Soilcare Nayan Patel, Founder & CEO Consistently producing most effective and superior quality organic fertilizers, the company manufactures wide range of organic agriculture inputs across the nation. They offer products including Extract Fertilizers, Organic Viricide, Super Potassium Humate, Potassium Humate and Plant Growth Promoter
Save Eco Organic Save Eco Organic D.B. Singh, CEO Promoting sustainable agriculture practices & reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers, the company provides high-quality organic fertilizers. Their range of organic fertilizers are Orgi Power Bhumi Shakti, Power Soil Booster, Power Bio DAP, Power Rock Phosphate, Power Phosphate Gold and so on
Sri Grow Sri Grow Subash Sahu, CFO Aiming to provide innovative inputs in the field of agriculture, the company manufactures organic fertilizers, pesticides and plant growth regulators. Additionally, they are continuously creating awareness among the farmers about the benefits of organic cultivation
Uniplant Agri Science Uniplant Agri Science Arvind Sonawane, Business Owner Striving for better yield and good returns for farmers, the company manufactures approved organic inputs. They offer products including organic fertilizers, organic insecticides, organic fungicides, minerals, medicinal plants, herbal extracts and so on