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  • 10 Best Procurement Startups -­ 2022

    Since ever, procurement has been an essential business process entailing strategic planning to ensure smooth business conduct engaging retailers who work with their suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to source the goods that they sell, to manufacturers having to source the raw materials they need to manufacture products. Procurement department within a company basically looks to reducing the `bottom line', keeping a check on organization's business management spending, and thus increasing profitability. A trend is always defined by what's popular at a certain point in time, and procurement is one department that works pragmatically around how the overall market is behaving at the current time. Gaining first hand idea of the market nature, procurement better equips an...

10 Best Procurement Startups -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Anu Tech Infra Anu Tech Infra Siddharth Singh, Dharmesh Bishnoi, Anil Vishnoi, & Akshay Choudhary , Co-Founders Provides complete infrastructure solutions while ensuring the delivery of quality products at the best possible prices and takes care of the entire supply chain
Bid Detail Bid Detail Dr. Manoj Verma, Co-Promoter & Director Brings back harmonization of public procurement first, leading to a one-stop shop for global procurement
Cargo Gear Services Cargo Gear Services Gaurav Sharma, Director Over the years, the firm kept evolving its services with the gradual evolution of marine equipment’s and later started providing services into the firefighting sector
Docuses Healthcare India Docuses Healthcare India Subir Batra, Co-Founder Being one of the leading medical product supplies providers in the market, the firm offers a number of services including procurement, product selection, price benchmarking, purchase audit, and many
Genie Bazaar Genie Bazaar Anil Ramchandani, A top rated vendors for office renovation, courier, handymen, printing, products, and many more for creating best workplace experiences
Procol Procol Gaurav Baheti, Founder & CEO Built to be self-reliant, in order to eliminate manual intervention as much as possible which includes all important aspects of the end-toend procurement
Procurebay Procurebay Trigunayat Samb Kumar, Head of Marketing A one-stop destination for business that wants to focus on their sales/Critical activities rather than investing time in non-core activities
Tradologie Tradologie J K Arora, Chairman & CEO A sector-agnostic platform that connects buyers and sellers of food and agricultural commodities such as rice, spices, wheat, sugar, edible oil, dry fruits, flours, pulses, and oil seeds
Waas Waas Anthony George, Managing Director Helps Business on Hassle-Free IT Procurement and Solutioning and also focuses on System Integrations Enterprise Networking and Deployment Solutions, Enterprise Storage and Deployment Solutions and alike
Wcube Wcube Udit Karan Chandhok & Akash Narain Mittal, Co-Founders The only organisation in the marketplace that understands different parameter of standardizing a product