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  • 10 Best Productivity Tools Startups - 2023

    Unleash Your Productivity & Conquer The Whole World With Efficient Corporate Services & Effective Tools This complex corporate world is always running behind tasks, deadlines, and projects which need a sound and professional internal workforce which will ensure smooth and effortless successful operations that can earn profits and praises. Small business organizations always take good care of their core business functions, attention and resources, so that the flow of work might not get obstructed by any means. Corporate services cover several segments of a corporate entity’s operations, ranging from administrative functions in human resources, legal services or compliance, communications and finance, to name a few. According to Business Research Insights the global...

10 Best Productivity Tools Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BetterPlace BetterPlace Pravin Agarwala, Co-Founder & CEO Accelerating growth through technology, the company provides HCM solutions for various enterprises. They offer hiring, onboard verification, attendance, payroll and upskilling solutions to manage the entire value chain of front line workers
Biocube Technologies Biocube Technologies Ashutosh Agarwal, Managing Director Simplifying & securing the digital identities, the company offers Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. They are developing and implementing contactless, multimodal, and multifactor biometric solutions using US-patented technology for different industries
DayTrack DayTrack Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder Provides sales employee tracking application, the firm offers web-based admin panel with GPS location tracker to manage their activities. Their application covers daily tasks of sales executive like meeting customers, giving samples, taking orders, collecting payments and so on
Engage Engage Narendra Bharan, Co-Founder Streamlining the modern work spaces, the company offers work space management software and mobile applications. Their applications help to manage meeting rooms, desk allocation, internal support, contracts, billing, visitor appointments and so on
Nexenstial Nexenstial Srinivas Rajput, Founder & Managing Director Enhancing infrastructure of businesses, the company provides comprehensive solutions for enterprises. They offer innovative IT consulting services and solutions such as product design, problem solving, data management and customized application development to achieve sustainable growth
Pause Pause Dhruv Saxena, Founder Assisting startups & small businesses, the company offers absence management tools that priotorize the employees productivity and progress. The tools enables them to manage work, leave requests and summaries on slack or google calenders through mobile and desktop applications
PayTechsoft PayTechsoft Sandeep Kumar Vernwal, Senior Software Developer Connects latest technology and help to grow businesses, the company work for tech-startups to make the workflow simpler & easier. They offer API, digital marketing & payment integration services for industries such as health care, education, digital enterprises, restaurants, finance and so on
ProBuddy Software Solutions ProBuddy Software Solutions Vikram Panchangam, CEO Leveraging strong domain expertise, the company provides technology solutions and services for businesses to increase their scalability and efficiency. They offer seamless GRC, BCM and IT digital services to achieve their compliance objective
Squared Circle Squared Circle Alexander Henn, CEO Escalating business and digital transformation, the company offers digital services for retail and online e-Commerce industries. To run online presence smoothly, they offer seamless services such as online & onSite merchandising, catalog management, creative studio, channel marketing and so on
Techorbit Solutions Techorbit Solutions Dhanesh Indore, Managing Director & CEO Accelerating businesses with software automation, the firm leverage digital technologies to transform internal business processes. They offer innovative SAP, openText & microsoft solutions to run business efficiently & improve the desired business outcomes