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    Publishing Houses Unveiling the Horizons of Advanced Printing Technology Whenever an author brings his heart out through words, he always dreams of getting his work published by trusted publishing house so that his written piece of memento reaches every corner of the world retaining all its essence. Authors are very skeptical about the publishing house or printing house where his long-awaited manuscript will get a new avatar by the touch of new technology. Print media has working as the medium of communication which disseminate information through the mass population since its initiation during 1439 when Johannes Gutenberg and his assistant designed the first printing press in the world. Significance of Publishing House: A printing press or publishing house carries the...

10 Best Publishing Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Rhyvers Publishing Rhyvers Publishing Affan Yesvi ,Founder & Director A cutting-edge publishing platform striving to simplify and optimize the publishing process for authors and readers alike, employing the latest technology to make publishing more accessible to a wider audience
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BlueRose Publishers BlueRose Publishers Syed Arshad , Director A self-publishing company, specialized in publishing novels and poetry books, with a dedicated teams for other fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, academic and text books
Clever Fox Publishing Clever Fox Publishing Ranjan Mohapatra, Founder & CEO, Praveen Raj, COO A book publishing platform bringing out various literary voices in all Indian languages, with a special emphasis on hybrid publishing; guided publishing and partnered publishing
DestinyMedia DestinyMedia Niraja Rao , Founder Partner An independent book publishing & digital media company creating contents across platforms and specialises in helping brainstorm ideas
Greeniiac Greeniiac Abirami Sekar , Founder An emerging startup that makes the unheard/ uncovered problems, issues of fishers/farmers by publishing comics-based news
Group Publishing India Group Publishing India Nischal Sukumaran , Director A children ministry organization providing materials that are intentionally designed to connect kids, create change in their hearts, and to give them opportunities to share God's love with others
Indobes Indobes Chandrashekhar Singh , Founder & CEO A fast-growing internet media publisher focusing on India's startup ecosystem & business world, working hand in hand with govt agencies, entrepreneurs & other stakeholders of the entrepreneurship ecosystem of India to make it more robust & startup-friendly
Ink Freedom Publication Ink Freedom Publication Andleeb kamal , Publisher A book publishers and distributors, redefining the regulations of Indian publishing, discovering and facilitating the most thrilling skills in both fiction and non-fiction (the latter varying from biographies, chronology and ideology to sports, self-help and business)
Laffaz Laffaz Haseeb Mohammed , Founder & CEO An entrepreneurship platform that connects all counterparts of the startup ecosystems, bringing the best of the startup ecosystem through startup news, startup stories, funding updates, resourceful features for entrepreneurs
StartupCity Magazine StartupCity Magazine Puja Bhardwaj , Managing Editor A monthly business magazine for startups and young entrepreneurs, striving to promote startup culture, entrepreneurial activities and innovative business concepts by making an open platform for exchanging views, opinion and ideas