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  • 10 Best Robotics Startups ­- 2022

    In this advancing technology driven digital era, the term robotics is prolific extension of the engineering field, which involves the concept of designing, manufacturing, and operating robots. Robotics is significantly growing to develop intelligent technology solutions that can best help people for defined needs. The world is profusely accepting the prowess of robotics today, and hence the field of robotics is growing in demand. As per a study, the size of the global industrial robotics market was valued at $32.32 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to reach $88.55 billion, registering a CAGR of 12.1 percent during 2022-30. Due to the enormous popularity of automation across many sectors over the past few decades, the Indian robotics industry has also seen rapid expansion, and...

10 Best Robotics Startups ­- 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Accio Robotics Accio Robotics Pranav Srinivasan, Co-Founder Avidly simplifies and disrupts the way in which material handling takes place in warehouses and shop floors
Aliyance Mechatronics Aliyance Mechatronics Mitchell London , Managing Director A technology specialized company focusses on robotics consulting, agritech, and state-of-art warehouse systems, as well as machine prototyping with a highly skilled team
Asimov Robotics Asimov Robotics Jayakrishnan T., Founder A well known robotics innovation organization that plans, makes, and embraces contract ventures to apply advanced mechanics & machine vision
Gridbots Gridbots Pulkit Gaur, Founder Leading manufacturers of robotic technologies for application in industries such as industrial operations, consumer robotics, defense & homeland, space robotics & nuclear robotics
Invento Robotics Invento Robotics Balaji Viswanathan , CEO Builds service robots for banks, malls and events with features including speech recognition algorithm that works offline, face recognition and navigation indoors
Ottonomyio Ottonomyio Ritukar Vijay, Founder & CEO Helps in navigation of businesses with staffing shortages for retail and restaurant industries with fully autonomous robots that can deliver food & beverages
Robro Systems Robro Systems Harshit Sureka , Founder Provides an affordable and easy-to-use AI enabled machine vision platform that aims to increase the quality of lives of people & manufactured products
SGBI SGBI Aronin Ponnappan, Co-Founder A deep-tech robotic startup that designs & manufactures Robotic Systems & Solutions with a specialized focus on Intelligent Test Automation Tools
Unbox Robotics Unbox Robotics Unbox Robotics, Pramod Ghadge Makes software-defined robotics systems to enable logistics players to automate and radically improve their operations on-demand in a limited footprint and capital
Uvaska Uvaska Karen Lopez Rojas & Revanasiddappa N. G., Managing Partners They are the number one source and partner for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Automation, hence providing the best service with an emphasis on Engineering Solutions