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  • 10 Best RPA Startups -­ 2022

    Technology has overhauled the industries manifolds today, and as it is significantly important for businesses today to keep up with the evolving business technology trends, and changing customer demands with sustainability factor in check, automation plays a bigger role in comprehending the need, sweeping into the process conduct across segments. Automation through technology applications not only increases efficiency, but also helps reduce time, effort and cost, whilst reducing manual errors, whilst providing businesses more time to focus on their primary objectives. Positively, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of those automation tools that is largely domineering the industry processes today making it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans...

10 Best RPA Startups -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
7Edge 7Edge Ashu Kajekar, Founder Believes that the Internet can be a game-changing phenomenon for the enterprise in today’s global business landscape
Aira Aira Shashwat Dubey, Managing Director Offers future-driven AI/ML Solutions, Intelligent Document Processing, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Analytics & Digital Agents
Cloud Desk Technologies Cloud Desk Technologies Jeyakumar N, Director Their vision is to become globally admired name when it comes to CRM consulting & services, by transforming the way clients manage their business needs
Code Kindle Solutions Code Kindle Solutions Shaik Adil Zama, Director It was established with a vision to enable, curate, enhance the day-day lives with the intuitive use of technology
Cyberneusys Cyberneusys Gokul Rajan, Project Head Focus on emerging technology applications development with AIpowered, cloud architectured, computing & analytics based, DevOps codes with digital experience to clients for growing & making them successful
Hir Infotech Hir Infotech Brijesh Prajapati, Founder They strive to provide customers quality services that help them to remain in step with their competitors
Kilowott Kilowott Aaron Fernandez, Founder It is a boutique business experience transformation firm accelerating growth for businesses of all sizes across industries
RaaS Plaza RaaS Plaza Venkatesh Babu, Founder Empowers enterprises to dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate performance
Tangentia Tangentia Vijay Thomas, Founder RPA solution providers in India that simplifies how your company accesses the best of RPA, EDI, and B2B integrations
Viitor Cloud Viitor Cloud Rohit Purohit, CEO The company provides innovative solutions and services across contemporary cross-platform software development along with expertise in utilizing emerging technologies