• VIBA: Leveraging Automation, AI & Ml To Streamline Visitor Experience Through Interactive Pod & Gamut Of Options For Added Safety & Security
  • Spotlight Edition - March Special – 2023

    AI Fostering Long-term Digital Transformation Goals for Businesses Though the pandemic has posed a disruptive period over every industry, inadvertently it has unbarred a plethora of opportunities for growth of AI, Digital Transformation, AR & VR, Hybrid work and many. And bouncing back to the challenges, industries have speeded-up the adoption of digital technologies, sustainability and change management as their new asset for potential growth. AI being central to almost every industry, playing a pragmatic role in transforming the business operations across industries. Owing to the post COVID economic uncertainty, organizations are looking to use the time and resources of their frontline workers more effectively.  Many employers are looking for advanced technologies,...

Spotlight Edition - March Special – 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
VIBA VIBA Sridhar Reddy Velmajala, Founder & CEO Viba expects to streamline the customer experience while providing a gamut of options for added safety & security
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Adilqadri Adilqadri Adil Asif Malkani, Founder & CEO we began with a premium, one-of a-kind perfume brand, and from then on, the business began to prosper. The oath now is to provide the best items to clients throughout India
Anchor Coworking Space Anchor Coworking Space Girija Pawar, Co-Founder, Nilima Jagdale, Co-Founder, Anchor Coworking Space. Within the next five years, we plan to open more branches in various states to help startups and established businesses expand without
Blue Ribbon Advisory Services Blue Ribbon Advisory Services Ritesh Garg, Founder We are not just an advisory services provider, but a partner to the new age ventures, a boutique consulting firm catering primarily to startups
Pirimid Fintech Pirimid Fintech Nirav Prajapati, Founder & CEO We have been learning and consulting amidst these challenges. We are focused on delivering practical customized solutions
Zota Healthcare Zota Healthcare Sujit Paul, Personal Coach & Mentor we are endeavouring to be the best in the healthcare sector by delivering nonpareil pharmaceutical formulations with the help of our Research and Development team.