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  • Startup of the Year - 2020

    Kolkata is often described as a city of culture and leisure. But entrepreneurial mindset is not something that the city is naturally associated with. While it is the third most populous metropolitan in the country, it lags behind several other metropolitan and Tier-I cities when it comes to startup friendliness. Traditionally known for being an agricultural hub, the state of West Bengal is gradually embracing industrial and digital growth. The state and Kolkata is particular is inching its way closer towards becoming a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to establish successful startups. The prerequisite for any city to become a startup hub is the presence of a strong eco-system that includes incubators, accelerators, angel investors and venture capital funds. This guidance is...

Startup of the Year - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arkedia Marketing Arkedia Marketing Rahul Kedia, Founder Arkedia marketing has a mission to make digital marketing and social media marketing seamless for everybody who wants to implement digitisation to their brand or company'
CodeData Advanced Analytics Solutions CodeData Advanced Analytics Solutions Prasenjit Guha Thakurta, Founder & CEO Codedata supported by entities like nasscom & cii in terms of guidance but investments would help it support employees with additional training, add industrial visits to other states and also grow the company
Crew For You Handyman Service Crew For You Handyman Service Krishnendu Parui, Founder Takes charge of office or building interior decoration and other maintenance. In the main, it is known as a hub of all housing needs
Innovination Innovination Vidit Goyal, Founder and CEO We at Innovination take time to understand our client's requirements and educate them with the best possible options and guide them with the necessary steps to achieve the desired objective.
Meraqi Digital Meraqi Digital Ankit Saraf, Founder, Snehja Sanganeria, Co-founder Meraqi digital's expertise lies in understanding objectives to identify the best strategy, marketing tools that will be best for a particular client and then helping them digitally transform themselves