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  • 10 Best Startups Cyber Security Consulting - 2023

    Get your Systems Immuned with Cyber Security Tools & Solutions In this technology driven world, where a parallel world is going side by side with us through metaverse using AR &VR, it becomes pivotal to secure all the data in an encrypted format, so that, hackers won’t breach the data leading to malicious attacks. With the scale of the cyber threat set to continue to rise, global spending on cybersecurity solutions is naturally increasing. Gartner predicts cybersecurity spending will reach $188.3 billion in 2023 and surpass $260 billion globally by 2026. Governments across the globe have responded to the rising cyber threat with guidance to help organizations implement effective cyber-security practices. In the U.S., the National Institute of Standards and Technology...

10 Best Startups Cyber Security Consulting - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CMS IT Services CMS IT Services Sanjeev Singh, CEO & MD Enhancing security & efficiency of organizations, the firm provides an integrated portfolio of cybersecurity solutions. They serve for industries including telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector and many others
Eventus Security Eventus Security Manish Chasta, Co-Founder & CTO Committed to deliver excellence cyber security services, the company provides reliable security solutions. They offer cyber resilience including red teaming, application security, cloud security, breach attack and so on
HACK X Security HACK X Security Tanmay Dighe, Founder & CEO Safeguarding digital space, the firm provides IT risk assessments & digital security services. They offer real time cyber risk metric plans namely automated vulnerability test & complete penetration test for businesses to protect their data from cyber-attacks
Inquest Inquest Praveen Dahiya, Founder & MD Using best intelligence and investigative tools, the firm provides highly strategic security solutions. They offer services including investigations, risk management, brand protection, business intelligence, background checks and many others
Lexos Security Lexos Security Dhruv Shah, Founder Taking your security as their responsibility, the firm delivers cyber crime solutions using advanced security measures & protocols. They cover wide range of cybercrimes including data theft, identity theft, financial fraud, hacking, and more
Perydot Perydot Bhavesh Mathur, CEO & Managing Director With consultative approach, the company provides one-stop solution & services across the landscape of information & communication technology. They offer services such as cyber security framework, security operations center, managed security services and so on
Security Spoc Security Spoc Dutt Kumar, Director Understanding the security advisory benchmarks, the firm acts as a integrated business information security platform. They offer services including application security testing, vulnerability asessment, cloud security assessment and so on
TechBridge TechBridge Saurabh Agarwal, CEO Knowing the need of future enterprises to overcome challenges, the firm delivers the best possible security solutions. They offer solutions such as vulnerability assessments, privilege access management, identity & access management & more
The Offensive Defense The Offensive Defense Bheem Reddy, Co-Founder & CEO On a journey to empower cyber defense, the company delivers advanced real-time defense solutions globally. This cutting-edge cyber security firm specializes in offering cyber security courses, internet cyber security skill building, consulting & advisory services
Virtual Protect Security Virtual Protect Security Narendra D, Security Operations Manager Achieving unique goals by protecting company assets, the firm acts as a ground-breaking security consulting platform. They offer services including corporate security, fraud & geo-political risk management, executive protection and so on