• Geovation Nepal: Empowering Geospatial Technology For Efficient Surveying & Mapping
  • 10 Best Startups From Nepal - 2023

    Alluring Landscape of Nepal Startups - Bringing Resilience in Business Nepal, nestled in the arms of Himalayas, it is the most important land-locked countries in south - Asia which possesses eight out of ten world’s highest mountain peaks. The country is well known for immense natural beauty and cultural heritage in the world. Since ages, the tourism sector takes major part in Nepal’s GDP growth. The World Bank states that, the tourism industry of Nepal contributes about 6.7 percent in overall GDP of the nation. But today, the country is crossing the horizons aside from tourism and heading towards examining many aspects of business sectors. The inoculation of technology and access to people tends the country to grow as an important source of revenue globally. Despite it...

10 Best Startups From Nepal - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Geovation Nepal Geovation Nepal Upendra Oli, Co-Founder & Managing Director Entitling geospatial technology for surveying & mapping, the firm captures precise location datasets with technical expertise. They offer services including surveying, mapping and engineering consultancy using cutting-edge geospatial technologies
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ads Bee Media Ads Bee Media Himanshu Barnwal, CEO Focusing on business outcomes, the company provides innovative digital services for businesses, using technological experience and insights. They offer web design, graphic design, SMM, UI/UX design, PPC, content writing and many other digital services
Global IOT Nepal Global IOT Nepal R.B. Adhikari, Chairman Providing a platform of smart world for knowledge, the firm provides exceptional quality of marketing & IT training services. They offer digital marketing, social media promotion, web designing, SEO & IT trainings like robotics, mobile app development, IOT, AI and so on
Green Computing Nepal Green Computing Nepal Pratap KC, Chief Executive Officer Networking with key expertise, the company provides high quality IT and computing services. They offer services such as IT support/ consulting, software development, server support, digital/ online marketing and many more
Hypeyeti Hypeyeti Aliza Thapa, Chief Executive Officer Helping people to thrive in current highly competitive market place, the firm provides digital marketing services to upscale the business. They offer services such as marketing strategies, branding, SEO, SEM, digital ads, website development and so on
Kritya Hub Kritya Hub Janak Singh Dhami, CEO Driving creative integrated marketing services, the firm provides high-end business solutions for media members. They offer services like brand ideas, integrated communications, TVC, print media, event management, business research, digital solutions & much more
Lone Tree Marketing Lone Tree Marketing Anuj Shrestha, Co-Founder In order to maximize online reach and presence of businesses, the company develops custom digital strategies for them. They offer e-mail, content, influencer marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, branding, design and many other marketing services
Pandalytic Technology Pandalytic Technology Alisha Maharjan, Managing Director Catalyzing transformation in business, the company provides UX/UI designs for specialised branding, creativity & marketing activities. They offer services such as graphic design, front-end development, motion graphics, IT consulting and many more
Trek Nepal Himalayas Trek Nepal Himalayas Badri Aryal, Founder Committed to deliver sustainable tourism, the company provides aweful trekking and tour experiences. They offer eco-friendly & high-quality travelling services at competitive pricing with quality and safety assurance
 Virtuosway Virtuosway Binod Karki, Executive Director Enhancing businesses with cutting-edge software solutions, the company provides enterprise-grade solutions for organizations at all categories. They offer solutions such as mobile app, data analytics, product design, blockchain technologies and so on