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  • 10 Best Startups in AR/VR Solutions

    Beyond wireless VR, major manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate cords and cables out of the equation. There is already an enormous Internet of Things (IoT) that allows millions of connected appliances to communicate wirelessly, and the programmers are increasingly finding new and exciting ways to leverage the IoT connectivity. Very soon, VR technology will be integrated into AR headsets. Augmented reality provides a digital overlay onto the real world, and this enables massive opportunities for gaming, social networking, and collaborative enterprise solutions. In the future, AR will drive the widespread...

10 Best Startups in AR/VR Solutions

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Amaze Infotainment Amaze Infotainment Bajrang Shah, Founder & Managing Director The present and future market potential of the Augmented Reality industry can be gauged by the recent spate of acquisitions made by the big three- Google, Apple and Facebook, of smaller AR-VR ventures around the world.
Bizydale Nets Bizydale Nets Vrushali Pradhan, Head-Sales & HR Virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to become next disruptive technologies taking the marketplace by storm.
Outsitevr Outsitevr Amit Singh, CEO and co-founder A provider of VR based experiential learning platform for the architecture community- students,faculty members, professionals, providing immersive architectural content.
Prisma Global Prisma Global Amitabh Roy Chowdhury, Group, Coo A Company providing visual recognition platform, augmented reality service , interactive solution, software development, digital service and technology solution for healthcare and security.
Simulanis Solutions Simulanis Solutions Raman Talwar, Founder and CEO A provider of blended e learning platform which brings AR-VR and 3d gamification technologies and other interactive learning tools such as interactive 3d animations resourceful lectures in pdf or presention, format and interactive flash –based lessons and Assignment s.
Vruom Interactive Vruom Interactive Sharique Raquib, Director An organization providing VR gaming and products like HMDs and omni directional treadmills for VR locomotion.