• 10 Best Startups in Big Data in India
  • 10 Best Startups in Big Data in India

    Elucidating the niche big data market is nothing more than iterating a well rooted fact of today. The global big data bazaar is anticipated to grow from $28.65 billion in 2016 to $66.79 billion by 2021, at a high Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.45 percent. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to finish on top. The aspirational gazes on these numerals are steered by startups this time, even though the giant masses are catching up. The current swing of market value leveraging is an outcome of industry’s ‘new-norm’, trust-the-beginners. The investors keep piling money into open source start-ups. The spike of market numbers which has a slant towards our subcontinent is the biggest slot ever for the big data startups based in India. The innovations were worked...

10 Best Startups in Big Data in India

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acura Consulting Acura Consulting Sushant Nayak, Founder & Chairman A provider of Big Data analytics solutions along with IT, HR, BPO and consulting services that make the business processes more effiecient and productive
Aptus Data Labs Aptus Data Labs Samir Kumar Sahoo, Co-Founder & CEO Offering analytical solutions and consulting services to aid the businesses to take data driven decisions. Encompassing a mission focused team, the entity is catering to wide range of clientele in the domain of Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and so on
AugmentIQ Data Sciences AugmentIQ Data Sciences Sachin Vyas, Founder & Director Unleashing the information for the businesses and providing end-to-end Big Data Solutions, it offers a smooth voyage for the enterprises to process data and information from all possible sources
Aureus Analytics Aureus Analytics Anurag Shah, Co-Founder & CEO A Big Data analytics platform with expertise in Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics and Insurance Analytics
Datoop Datoop B.L. Yadav, Director Churning out information from structured and unstructured data, the company serves information driven industries ranging from Healthcare to e-Commerce while translating partners requirement into solutions
Datum Informatics Datum Informatics Philip Varughese Vayarakunnil, Co-Founder & CEO Storing and retrieving the data on demand, the entity helps in searching, mining, filtering, analyzing and reporting billions of data for the Dynamic and Complex Analytics, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Discovery, Business Insights & Performance Analytics requirements
Inteliment Inteliment Prashant Pansare,, Managing Director A niche player in Big Data Analytics, IoT and Mobility catering to Fortune 500 clients across Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecom, Steel and other high-tech domains
IStudio Technologies IStudio Technologies Kumar T, Founder & CEO A niche player in Big Data Analytics, endowing start ups and internet businesses with world-class digital marketing services
Trendwise Analytics Trendwise Analytics MohanKumarSilaparasetty, Co-Founder & CEO Providing end-to-end Big Data, Hadoop and Analytics Services, their domain focus is on predictive aspect of analytics and the mission is to develop, implement and maintain analytics tools and solutions for handling Big Data & IoT
XenonStack XenonStack Navdeep Singh Gill, Founder A provider of Big Data, SMAC, IoT and other high profile technologies to ease business operations for data driven enterprises and startups