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  • 10 Best Startups in Goa - 2018

    Happy people create happy products. But for this, the workplace should be in similar lines. And for this, the best-known Indian state for beaches, parties and music festivals is all set to change to become the preferred base for start-ups in India. Thus making Goa the next start-up destination of the country. What makes Goa the ideal location is the great infrastructure, well-connectivity and most importantly, the growing technical base talent. Not to be forgotten, Goa is the among the handful of states to have achieved 100 percent rural electrification and boasts one of the best models of broadband penetration in the country. Therefore, it can be clearly understood that the state is not left behind in terms of providing world-class infrastructure. Today, there are numerous start-ups...

10 Best Startups in Goa - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Altera Advisory Altera Advisory Ameya Kamat, Co- Founder & CEO, Praveer ,Co-founder Makes investing a paperless experience in line with the ‘Digital India’ initiative
Brittle.design Brittle.design Siddhesh Naik, Founder Passionate to create contemporary and original designs and develop an 'artist to art-lover' relationship with the esteemed customers
Browntape Technologies Browntape Technologies Piyush Goel, Co-Founder A cloud-based software that helps online merchants manage their orders and inventory in one place without the need to log in to each site separately
Diet Code Diet Code Sam Sugandh, Director, Igor Silva, Co-Founder Specializes in project work interaction with bodacious dynamo sized colleagues from Goa and Berlin, glaring at the ocean whilst swinging from strategically placed hammocks at various spots
Eeztail Eeztail Simon Fernandes, Founder Young creative minds came in one place to help sellers sell their products on India's leading e-commerce marketplaces
Ownism Ownism Tina Khan, Co-Founder Offers shoppers with an online platform to purchase clothing and accessories for men, women, and children
Prototyze Prototyze Gourav Jaswal, Founder & Director A venture-builder creating mobile technology centered businesses in multiple sectors
Rainbow Solar Power Solutions & Automation Rainbow Solar Power Solutions & Automation D. R. Nayak, Founder Has a renowned reputation with the major oil companies and has decommissioned many service station sites for these companies in the Sydney and Brisbane CBD as well as their respective states
Vacation Labs Vacation Labs Saurabh Nanda, Founder A travel website builder, booking engine, payment gateway integration, back-office management, agents and marketplace (distribution integration), a mobile management app, and tons of 3rd party integrations built into one easy tool