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  • 10 Best Startups In Retail - 2019

    Increase in the purchasing power of the customer and the elevated accessibility to cashless transactions has ignited the growth of the retail industry of the country. With the changing consumer mindset, start-ups in retail need to be updated with real time data to get more educated and well informed. The digital identity that has been acquired by this sector over time is motivating the companies and even the newbies to experiment with new products and create niche for those in the marketplace. Numerous products in the lifestyle, healthcare and personal hygiene verticals among various others are getting circulated and recognised all over the country. In wide sense, the financial growth of the middle class has attracted a lot of retail companies from all over the world and at the...

10 Best Startups In Retail - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aahaa Aahaa Asokan Sattanathan, Rajaraman Sundaresan & Shri Harish Kannan,, Co-Founders Takes single point responsibility for technology based purchase requisition, business rules, wor flow & approval engines to suppliers
Bohriali Bohriali Yusuf Hakim, Founder An online retailer selling items for artists and craftsmen
ECOHOY ECOHOY Aayush Sharma, Founder Enables individuals, communities and businesses to help create a positive impact on the environment
ELANIC ELANIC Aditi Rohan & Abhilash Narahari , Co-Founders Connects buyers with thousands of sellers across India selling one-of-akind products
Fresh To Home Fresh To Home Shan Kadavil, Founder India’s first e-Commerce venture for fresh, chemical-free seafood
Generico Generico Girish Agarwal & Siddharth Gadia , Co-Founders Puts forward the biggest portfolio of branded and generic medicines from the reputed pharma companies under one roof
OnlyRice.com OnlyRice.com Vikram P, Managing Director India's first convenient online rice ordering site
Spexy Spexy Hersh Kathuria, Founder & CEO Helps users try-on the products virtually, while shopping across online stores
The Celiac Store The Celiac Store Maddhu Sethi, CEO Enables people to live a healthy and prosperous life