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  • 10 Best Startups in Retail Services

    Indian customers always tend to cling to plausible insights and are cynical in their approach. As Jeff Bezos quotes “There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.” Isn’t it obvious that the customers will always get attracted to quality products that are available at a much cheaper rate and retail business without a happy/satisfied customer walking out is a shut shop for sure! And Indian startup’s, especially in the retail segment understands the core essence and sentiments of customers in a much better way than any other competitors in the market. These startups have taken some drastic measures to create innovative products, solutions, strategies, ideas, and concepts that are...

10 Best Startups in Retail Services

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Addtobuy.com Addtobuy.com Anil Patel , Founder & CEO A multi retail marketplace which offers various services and products and also brings the customers and vendors in a common platform
GIBAM India GIBAM India Subramanian TS , MD Proven Expertise in dealing with Retail Brands across India, offering tailor-made Italian products with a design-to-installation capability
Online Distribution Network Online Distribution Network Narinder Mahajan & Kumar Udaar, Co-Founders First of its kind in the space of outsourcing core commerce areas to full service eCommerce solution providers to fashion & lifestyle brands across India
Paynear Solutions Paynear Solutions Priti Shah, CEO Country’s first ever Omni Channel transaction solution that endeavours to make a cashless economy
StyFi StyFi Himanshu Sarda , Co-Founder Aims to inculcate the brand’s identity in the user’s mind and help the brands in retrieving their lost customers through latest technology