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  • 10 Best Startups in Sales & Marketing

    The only thing that is constant is change. And the change in business arena is considered to be the dominant fact of every business life. This concept particularly stands true for the modern day sales and marketing approach that has led the companies to master their ability to exploit the changes. For any business, effective sales & marketing tends to bridge the gap and connects it with its consumers. As the term digital is considered to be the new facet of business, the companies across are trying to cope up with the emerging trend through effective sales & marketing services and reach the consumers at a broader perspective. And to help them with this many startups have surfaced in this arena. These startups endeavour to provide marketing efficiencies by integrating digital...

10 Best Startups in Sales & Marketing

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Fractional CMO Fractional CMO Shreyansh Surana & Rahul Mehta,, Co-Founders A marketing partner to the startups and SMB’s. Fractional CMO takes ownership of their end-to-end digital marketing services that includes both the Inbound & Outbound marketing
Marconix Marconix Mitesh Gandhi, Founder & CEO Operates with a vision of providing a range of highly customised solutions for businesses and individuals to help reach their peak
MarkSpace Media MarkSpace Media Saeed Shaikh, Azharuddin Sayyed & Amit Apte, Co-Founders A B2B Lead Generation, Demand Generation & Service Company aims to help the IT companies with their marketing strategies & generate maximum RoI
Sales & Profit Sales & Profit C Rajasekaran, Co-Founder A sales and marketing company focused on B2B Sales that offers clients an integrated outsourced sales solution
Salespro Salespro Abhinav Sharma, CEO A sales & marketing company that facilitates business development to optimize customer acquisition costs and achieve a more cost effective sales cycle
Sparkt Sparkt Aditya Chandra, Managing Director Established with the core idea to define a long-term relationship between the brands & the customers and gain deeper more consumer engagements & experiences
The Higher Pitch The Higher Pitch Prabhanjan Deshpande, Co-Founder, Nishant Mishra, Co-Founder A customer experience company that fortifies the ability to identify the business imperatives and derive results through a market-busting operating model
Transedge Marketing Services Transedge Marketing Services Gautam Bali & Jaspreet Mehta, Directors A marketing agency that provides world class services for all kind of marketing and branding needs of the organization
Yellow Bulbs Solutions Yellow Bulbs Solutions Vivek Modi, Rishi Raj & Nehal Karia Modi, Co-Founders A tech-enabled marketing marketplace platform offering comprehensive marketing solutions to businesses across industries