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  • 10 Best Startups in Smartcity Solution-2017

    Smart city projects are expected to drive India’s economy in the next few years as its basic agenda involves providing an excellent infrastructure to selected cities with all the technological requirements supporting people’s daily activities. This is said to leave a trial in the process leading to technological advancements and various systems falling into places. Most importantly, the outcome depends on the acceptance of the people and various other factors influencing the development, be it in Energy, Waste Management, Security, Transportation, Medical, Telecommunication, Education, and Agriculture. Overall there is a ripple effect leading to sustainable growth of nation influencing other cities to do the same. Added to this, India’s entrepreneurs specialized...

10 Best Startups in Smartcity Solution-2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ADNA Solutions ADNA Solutions Sunil Singh, Founder The company brings the latest and breakthrough technologies in Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, personal security and smart cities
Architect Corner Architect Corner Bhagvan Kommadi, CEO Specialized in IOT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities
Flamenco Tech Flamenco Tech Sudhir Sarma, MD Enables Internet of Everything & Everyone (IoEE) to create Intelligent Infrastructure for Enterprises
Flybird Innovations Flybird Innovations Satish KS, Founder & CEO Social Impact Agriculture enterprise and has been incorporated with a Vision to solve Key Problems of the Agriculture sector
Fostertechs Fostertechs Divey Mahajan & Faisel Tufel, Directors An Engineering and Project Management Consultancy is a group of highly motivated, qualified and experienced technocrats
Mintbook Mintbook Kalaivani Chittaranjan, MD & CEO An eduTech company providing digital content to Universities, Schools, Public Libraries, Government bodies and Individuals
PLAYSOLAR PLAYSOLAR Mux Narasimhan, Founder, MD & CEO PlaySolar is a Bangalore based solar solutions company, providing integrated solutions with solar power and IoT in a seamless platform using one touch PLAY
Quenext Quenext Awadhesh Kumar, Co-Founder Specialized in Energy Management System, provides fully integrated end to end decision support system for utilities
SharpNode SharpNode Mohit Agnihotri, Founder & CEO A developer of innovative products and solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT)
ValetEZ Services ValetEZ Services Smit Raturi, Founder A parking solutions firm focused on combining technology and efficient operations to address the challenge of parking across cities