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    Considered to be the land of ancient games like Archery, Wrestling & numerous others, India’s relationship with sports needs no introduction. While cricket and hockey have marked an important impact in the lives of people, the other sports like badminton, tennis, swimming and so on are also adding rich diversity to the growing sector. The recent winning moments in the variety of sports has led to the emergence of the sporting spirit among the individuals, children, parents and the nation as a whole with making sports a billion dollar industry. As the country stands on the cusp of a major change, a transformation that could ripple benefits, the sports sector is not untouched in this case. Seeing the growing demand among the sports enthusiasts for modern day sports many...

10 Best Startups in Sports - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CIALFO Solutions CIALFO Solutions Venkata Rachur, , Founder & CEO Their technology enabled platform is changing the sports landscape by digitising the aspects of playing, training and competitions at the grass root level, connects stakeholders, and enables Information Access, facilitates Management & Interactions thus helping in Tracking & Measuring Performance.
Dark Horse Sports Dark Horse Sports Anirudh Singh, Founder & Product Architect strives to change people’s perception about sports in India and endeavours to teach young kids as well as parents that a career in sport can be as rewarding as a career in any other field
Fanatic Sports Fanatic Sports Raghav Gupta,, Founder & CEO A global leader in sports ticketing and experiential travel. The company offers tailor made travel experiences to the world’s premier sporting events
Playo Playo Gauravjeet Singh, CEO Singular destination for sports, fitness, fun and all things recreational
SAT Sports SAT Sports Srinath Prahlad,, Director& Head Coach A platform inculcated with world class infrastructure & coaching methodologies
Sporloc Sporloc Perseus Daruwala, Founder Assist sports enthusiasts with simple solutions to issues like identifying sports venues, booking the venue, availability of dates, payments and confirmation
SportsUnity SportsUnity Rishiraj Shrawat,, Chief Operating Officer A unique cricket quizzing platform that helps fans all across the country connect with each other while increasing their knowledge of the game
Sports Reconnect Sports Reconnect Sourav Ghosh & Omkar Torgalkar, Co-Founders Changing the way grassroot sports takes place in India and aims to build a platform that will help attract more gold medals for the country in the near future
Sportzwiki Sportzwiki Bhupendra Singh, Founder & CEO Endeavours to reach the enthusiastic readers & followers of sports by imparting knowledge on the latest information & news related to sports