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  • 10 Best Startups in Wearable Technology - 2017

    From high-tech gadgets enhancing self-improvement to devices monitoring heart rates, salt levels, activities, and notifying an alert to doctors in the case of data abnormalities, in real-time, wearable technology at the moment is disrupting the entire ecosystem. Be it, healthcare, education, sports, home automation, real estate, fitness & healthcare among others. However, the technology still in the latent stage, most global tech-giants succumb to the commercial products and are lacking in innovation and are mirrored to the stereotypic mobile application or web platform or AR/VR based solutions. Outgrowing this, start-ups in India are writing a new chapter in the history of wearable technology and are revolutionizing the space by designing out of the box technology...

10 Best Startups in Wearable Technology - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ActoFit Wearables ActoFit Wearables Pratik Saraogi, CEO & Co-Founder One stop platform for fitness enthusiasts that creates a range of products around the science-backed fitness & sports analytics ecosystem
Biostrap Biostrap Sameer Sontakey, CEO A wearable device platform dedicated to provide insights geared towards total health
Boltt Sports Technologies Boltt Sports Technologies Arnav Kishore, Founder & CEO A brand name that empowers people to improve their health, fitness & lifestyle through impeccable offerings
Ducere Technologies Ducere Technologies Krispian Lawrence & Anirudh Sharma, Co-Founders One of India's pioneers in wearable space, Ducere focuses on creating intuitive, unobtrusive and user-friendly wearable technology innovations
Flink Flink Kandheri Manohar Vivek & Sudharsan Sampath, Co-Founders , Aditya Herur Shetty, COO A tech savvy sports company that aims to bridge the gap between the technology and sports at the grassroots
GoQii GoQii Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO Comprehensive digital health and wellness solution with an ecosystem facilitating a permanent shift to a helthier lifestyle
Helfis Helfis Abhinav Mahajan, Co-Founder, Aditya Sharma, Co-Founder Helfis is a quantum leap in preventive healthcare, which combines the power of body sensitive measurement devices and computational technologies operating on a cloud-based platform to offer its customers smart health solutions.
Ten3t Healthcare Ten3t Healthcare Rahul Shingrani, Dr.Sudhir Borgonha & Prasad Bhat, Co-Founders ten3T's real time, continuous health monitoring platform is live in clinics and uses medical grade wearable devices along with cloud computing based on cutting-edge AI algorithms that allow physicians to make informed decisions faster
Traxoid Automations Traxoid Automations Kiran Kaushik, Founder & CEO Kratio, a vertical of Traxoid Automations, missions to connect things tothe internet with the help of wearable devices, ensuring safety