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  • 10 Best Startups in Wellness - 2018

    The concept of wellness has always been in vogue since time immemorial. Traditional medicinal and health practices propounded the concept of mental and bodily wellness having a core focus on the health, nutrition, and relaxation. But in present times, the passing era has made people turn more and more conscious towards their health. Today, in fact, well-being and fitness have emerged as the most crucial options most specifically as a means to stay away relief from the unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. With the passing time, wellness as a concept has taken up a multi-dimensional definition influenced by changes in society and in the lifestyles of individuals accelerated by extraneous factors like globalization and a greater awareness of the need for wellness among...

10 Best Startups in Wellness - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Breathe Well Being Breathe Well Being Rohan Verma, Co-Founder & CEO, Aditya Kaicker, Co-Founder A corporate wellness platform that offers holistic well-being programs focused on Mind & Body aspects, which inevitably increases the engagement, productivity, and health of employees in an organization
FabFit FabFit Ritika Tiwari, Director A one tap access to top-notch fitness studios, salons, sports, spa facilities and more, this plat form lets the clients to discover, reserve and experience services of the best brands in the wellness industry
GETFIT GETFIT (L - R) Vikram Aditya Menon, Arun Karthik & Somdev Devvarman, Founder & CEO A modern sport solutions and marketing company that aims to promote a sustainable sports culture in India
HealthifyMe HealthifyMe Tushar Vashist & Sachin Shenoy, Co-Founders Delivers customised natural solutions for a range of lifestyle diseases: diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, heart issues and many more
HealWell24 HealWell24 J.K Singha & Harddik K Patel, Founder & MD, Founder & CEO A technology-powered one-stop healthcare service company that not only understands the critically of patient care inside the hospital premises but beyond post-discharge
TrueWeight TrueWeight Vishnu Saraf, CEO & Co-Founder Believing in the fact that natural remedies work best, this company offers a range of herbal and natural solutions which are, effective, and have no known side effects
Vantage Circle Vantage Circle Parth Neog, CEO & Co-Founder One of India's single largest aggregator for corporate deals, implying a plethora of choices for the employees to choose from
Xieco Xieco Manoj Chauhan, CEO Debveloped for customers to achieve their fitness goals by providing continuous remote support from selected coaches and dieticians
Yogamruta Yogamruta Amruta Deshpande Bhatia, Founder Resonates empowerment of people to move smarter, better, and pain-free to lead calmer, peaceful and fulfilling lives