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  • 10 Best Startups To Work For Bangalore - 2023

    Startups are pushing the future towards a new dawn  of the Aspiring Business Empires India has rich cultural heritage with having ample amount of natural resources for its people to use them. The country is having a strong line of advanced scientists who are working round the clock to pull up the economic condition through digitization and globalization. After meeting the goodness of globalization many aspiring entrepreneurs are coming up with new ideas which are making our country proud in the foreign lands and extracting hefty profit and enriching our GDP. Startups in India: Startups are the business ventures which are at their initial stage of foundation and started by one or more aspiring entrepreneurs. The funding for the capital of the business comes from their...

10 Best Startups To Work For Bangalore - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
360 Nautica 360 Nautica Tejinder Singh, Founder A venture builder and a growth capital platform with a focus on helping entrepreneurs to grow from idea stage to self-sustainable businesses. The core team has successfully built businesses and worked with companies in consumer marketplaces, consumer credit and finance, retail, IT, SaaS, and power, among others. Successfully bridging the gap young entrepreneurs and venture builders in the heart of Middle east and Asia
Coinswitch Coinswitch Ashish Singhal, CEO India's largest crypto app with over 18 million users and more than 500 employees and partnering with startups that are advancing the future of Blockchain technology and provide early stage founders with the capital, network connections and most importantly, the advice they need to transform the Web3 landscape in India. Build detection systems for malicious wallet history.
Frozen Bottle Frozen Bottle Pranshul Yadav, Founder & CEO, Arun Suvarna, Arun Kumar, Co-founder One of India's trendiest Western Desserts brands is on a run to build its own outlet army across the globe. Laid the foundation in Bangalore and now it is running business over 32 cities in India with 180+ outlets and aims to open up over 400+ outlets in the next 2 years.
Niladvantage Technologies Niladvantage Technologies Niladri Das, Managing Director AnbIT startup and system integration company that provides IT infrastructure products and services to startups, midsize and large enterprises. Their flaship offerings are digital marketing, management strategy building,service and license renewal, Vulnerability Assessment and PenetrationTesting (VAPT), IT infrastructure, IT consulting, application development, Cloud-based security solution, end to end integration, networks,and systems security and so on
ShareChat ShareChat Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh & Farid Ahsan, Founder An Indian social media platform, initially, ShareChat primarily started working as a content sharing platform, without any scope of users generating their own content. This app is multilingual social media platform, with 180 million monthly active users
Technacle IT Services Technacle IT Services Renita G, Managing Director Working with a global team of professionals with decades of experience in delivering operational excellence to clients. They are using cutting-edge technology driven platforms like cloud management, AI & Machine Learning, SAAS, DevOps for offering their services and producing new age software development
Trueblue Advisory Trueblue Advisory Richa Telang, Founder a bespoke employer branding and talent brand of employer branding, Social media marketing,corporate branding and recruitment marketing. Plays the key role of advisor, consultant, and trusted ally who will get your brand’s story heard and seen
Velocity Velocity Abhiroop Medhekar, CEO Provides revenue-based-financing to eCommerce brands. A new age solution for banking and finance harnessing the cuttingedge technology and offering financing solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs. It works with multiple RBI regulated entities to facilitate its financing products
Yellow Fish Yellow Fish Sreejith S, Director Mix Ideas and technology to create anexperienced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence services to help clients across the globe for optimizing value from their data and make the shift to becoming an agile organization. A unified product-service experience that delivers beyond the consumer's expectations.
Zetwerk Zetwerk Ankit Fatehpuria, Co-founder Offers high quality production, globally competitive costs and unparalleled lead times in the manufacturing of capital goods, consumer goods and precision parts. Exploring the manufacturing capacities with the help of wide range of application processes