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  • 10 Best Startups to Work for - Gurgaon - 2020

    Asecured job, a good salary package, growth opportunities and plausibility to maintain a cordial balance between professional and personal life is what every employee anticipates from their workplace. Till the recent times, only well-established company are shining exemplar of facilitating their employees with inch-perfect provisions which has won them their staunch allegiance and fixity. Startups these days have not only perceived but also have put into practice a work culture that can works for the utility of the team but at the same time work for the welfare of the business in the long run. In fact, startups have gone the extra mile by giving their working staff an agile, enthusiastic, and a competitive working environment that stimulates them to demonstrate their true potential....

10 Best Startups to Work for - Gurgaon - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arcos Services Arcos Services Irfan Saif , CEO Furnishes a spectrum of services that include manpower & staffing solutions and logistics & warehouse management.
Bare Anatomy Bare Anatomy Rohit Chawla, Founder & CEO
Sifat Khurana, Vimal Bhola, Co-Founders
Revolutionizes the personal care and beauty industry through clean, customized products
Biocipher Technologies Biocipher Technologies Pawan Kumar Kaushal, Founder, Nidhi Sharma, Co-Founder Leverages latest technologies and optimized development methodologies to ensure most scalable, secure, optimal, and robust software solutions
Crepe Fe Crepe Fe Shourrya Sachdeva , Founder & CEO Serves western desserts made for the world of fast food transparently, and well packed to the doorsteps.
DigiDarts DigiDarts Siddhartha Vanvani , Founder & Director Aims to gradually enrich the digital agency ecosystem in the country and widen its horizons.
Gramlite Gramlite Pawan Gupta , Founder A platform that advances opportunities to rural and semi urban population in India by providing access to skills and technologies in the lighting sector.
KlinicApp KlinicApp Satkam Divya , Founder & CEO Offers own branded lab tests and health packages at home via fleet of phlebotomists.
Ksemin Enterprise Ksemin Enterprise Hitesh Bhardwaj , Founder A leading facility management service provider that give innovative, cost-effective, solutions for safety and security of assets
Veris Veris Aastha Sharma, Anoop Poonia & Vaibhav Jain, Co-Founders A pioneer in workplace transformation, digitizing workplaces through a growing suite of offerings including visitor management, conference room management, front desk automation, among others.